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044: September 1995


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079: April 2007


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080: September 2007


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Absolution at Aubers : May 1915


Although the Battle of Neuve Chapelle in March 1915 had given grounds for optimism, in the weeks following this battle,  the Allies had been frustrated in their plans. First of all, the Gallipoli landings had not gone to plan, and stalemate was setting in on this front. Virtually simultaneously to the amphibious attack in the Dardanelles, the Germa…

Fortunino Matania's Vision of the First World War by Lucinda Gosling


Fortunino Matania's work is magnificent. It does for scenes of the First World War that only a Technicolor Movie could achieve decades later - faithful recreation of a scene based on as much evidence as possible gather to fill the senses. This smart, short book, like a gallery guide, takes you through the significant works of Fortunino Mantania. H…

‘The care of the wounded horse in Northern France' by Fortunino Mantania War Art: No.6


[This article first appeared in Stand To! No. 44 September 1995].   Fortunino Matania R.I. was born in Naples in April 1881. His childhood was spent in his father's studio, and his art education came solely from breathing in the atmosphere of that environment. He never attended any art school, but as a mere boy began to do black and white drawing…

David Cohen Former Chairman of The Western Front Association, Gallery Owner and War Art contributor


War Art (David Cohen) Introduction Deputy Chairman:  [Stand To 14 Summer 1985] Chairman: [Stand To 19 Summer 1987] Retired as Chairman of The WFA - A tribute [Stand To 27 Winter 1989] Book Reviews for Stand To! No Man’s Land: A postwar sketch book by George Pratt (reviewed by David Cohen) [Stand To 38 Summer 1993] The Sculpture of Charles …

Illustrating Armageddon: Fortunino Matania and the First World War


By Jim Davies with a forward by Lucinda Gosling Unicorn Press £30.00 hb, 416pp, ills in monochrome and colour, no index, notes or refs.  ISBN: 9781912690015  [This review appears in the current issues of Stand To! No.119 October 2020. It is one of 13 full reviews of books about or related to the First World War in this edition. Members receive…

Drawing from History : The Forgotten Art of Fortunino Matania


Foreword by James Gurney Introduction by Lucinda Gosling Fortunino Matania was a remarkable artist and a product of his time. This equally remarkable book is a cornucopia of detail, from the introduction by Luci Gosling to the myriad reproductions of works he created for papers and magazines as well as commissions. He produced many of the icon…

Animals in the Great War


Pages: 117Illustrations: 32ISBN: 9781473838048Published by Pen & Sword: 17th June 2019 There is room for a book on animals in the First World War but this is probably not it - or at least not this edition. With a firmer editorial hand and support on the military history of the First World War much more could have been achieved. Animals in the…

War Art with David Cohen


The late David Cohen made a huge contribution to The Western Front Association during his lifetime. He had a professional interest in the gallery he established 'David Cohen Fine Art' in 1984 featuring the work of artists and illustrators of the First World War, commemorative ware and ephemera. David Cohen was closed involved in the affairs of T…