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Devil Dogs Chronicle: Voices of the 4th Marine Brigade in World War I


Reviewed by Timothy Heck.  Works on the American participation in World War I are understandably harder to come by than those of their European counterparts. Books focusing on the experiences of one American unit are harder still. George B. Clark, in Devil Dogs Chronicle, has edited the memoirs, letters, and diaries of members of the 4th Marine...

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  Suffolk : 11 August 2018 Suffolk 5th Annual Centenary Conference '1918 The Winning Formula'   Speakers: Peter Simkins, Jack Sheldon and Peter Hart Panel Discussion chaired by Taff Gillingham VENUE: University of Suffolk in Ipswich Purchase Tickets > HERE         Wolverhampton : 6-8 September 2018 WFA/University of Wolverhampton   Centena...

8 April 1918 : Pte Arthur Algernon Pickles MM


His parents were John Pickles (an antique dealer and Sexton) and Hannah. Arthur had a much older brother Hartley, as well a younger brother George and a younger sister Mary Lucy.  Before the war Arthur was a cotton weaver.  His father's first wife had died in 1886. Arthur had to much older half-brothers, Hartley who died in 1983 age 102, and S...

Ep. 65 – Major Discoveries on the Western Front – David Tattersfield


Western Front Association trustee David Tattersfield talks about his detective work in France to determine the identities of two majors buried in graves marked unknown, who were both killed in the German Spring offensive on the River Aisne in May 1918.  Your browser does no...

Ep. 69 – The German 1918 Spring Offensives – Dr Jonathan Boff


Dr Jonathan Boff, University of Birmingham, gives a lecture on the German Spring Offensives which happened from March to July in 1918; this talk was given at The Western Front Association's 7th President’s Conference in Birmingham on 2 June 2018. Your browser does not suppo...

Ep. 108 – Nobody of Any Importance – Phil Sutcliffe


Phil Sutcliffe talks about his father’s account of being an infantryman during the Great War. Your browser does not support the audio element.   Phil's father, Sam Sutcliffe, was a World War One 'Tommy.' He enlisted at the age of 16 in the...

Ep. 153 – The 66th (East Lancs) Division During the German Spring Offensive – David Martin


David Martin talks about his recent book on the 66th Division (East Lancs) during the German Spring Offensive. This is published by Pen & Sword. Your browser does not support the audio element.

Online Talk -The 9th Battalion East Surrey Regiment and the German Spring Offensive March 1918 by Neil Rosoman


Neil will be talking about the 9th Battalion of the East Surrey Regiment at Maissemy, near St Quentin during the first week of the German Spring Offensive in March. The story of how a typical front-line Battalion fought for their lives under the most tremendous pressure to stand and hold as long as they could to give the reserves time to meet th...

'Nobody of Any Importance' - Phil Sutcliff


Tuesday 26th April - Phil Sutcliffe speaks about his father's autobiography 'Nobody of Any Importance'  A Foot soldier's Memoir of World War One. Phil's father, Sam Sutcliffe, was a World War One 'Tommy.' He enlisted at the age of 16 in the 2/1st Royal Fusiliers in September 1914 and subsequently fought at Gallipoli the following year. He then f...

'Sam Sutcliffe's War 1918, POW and onwards to Peace Day 1919 by Phil Sutcliffe'


Sam Sutcliffe's War 1918, POW and onwards to Peace Day 1919 by Phil Sutcliffe     Phil recounts his father's experience in the latter stages of the Great War.   Phil does readings from his father Signaller Sam Sutcliffe's “Nobody Of Any Importance: A Foot Soldier's Memoir Of World War 1” and talks about him and the book by way of linking the pas...

'Nobody of Any Importance. A Footsoldier's Memoir of WW1' - Sam Sutcliffe: A talk by Philip Sutcliffe


We welcome Phil Sutcliffe to our Hatfield Peverel venue on November the 8th, to present his father's wartime story. Phil edited and published his father's memoires and tells his story of underage enlistment in the London Regiment, Gallipoli, The Somme, The German Offensive in 1918 and time as a POW. At Gallipoli he served for a period alongside...

Ep.322 – The 21st Division in World War I – Dr Derek Clayton


Author and historians Dr Derek Clayton talks about his book To Do the Work of Men : An Operational History of the 21st Division in the Great War. Your browser does not support the audio element. The 21st Division was formed in September 19...

ONLINE: 'The Royal Artillery's Blackest Day' by Dr Spencer Jones


Caption: German heavy artillery (courtesy: IWM) About the talk: The first great blow of the German Spring Offensive hit Fifth Army on 21 March 1918. It plunged the Royal Artillery into its costliest day of the entire First World War. Despite tireless planning and preparation, the gunners found themselves in a bitter fight that would test their m...