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8 October 1915 : Pte Robert H Reeves, 15 years old


Robert's father Edward, had been a rage warehouseman at the 1901 Census and was a general labourer at the time of the 1911 Census. His mother was Mary Anne (née Cotton). His sibling included Edward (born 1898), Albert (born 1896), James (born 1894), William (born 1890), John (born 1882) and then Robert (1900), followed by younger brother Victor …

The Disaster at Hooge


One of the most frequently heard misconceptions about the First World War is that British and Commonwealth generals and their staff officers shared neither the hardships nor the dangers of the average front line soldier. The excellent Bloody Red Tabs by WFA members Frank Davies and the late Graham Maddocks has been an important rebuttal of these ar…