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'The killing of the Iron Twelve' with Dr. Hedley Malloch


Dr. Hedley Malloch will be giving a talk based on his book of the same name 'The killing of the Iron Twelve: an account of the largest execution of British soldiers on the Western Front in the First World War'.  IMAGES: Book Cover, Edith Stent at the grave of the eleven soldiers and the graves as they appear today featured on the Iron 12 Story web…

The Iron 12 : The inauguration of the Iron Memorial and Commemorative Plaques in Guise


This article first appeared in Bulletin No.91 October/November 2011. Bulletin and Stand To! are the two magazines of The Western Front Association, each are sent to members alternatively, each three times a year, either in print or digitally.  INTRODUCTION Between October 1914 and February 1915 Iron sheltered eleven British soldiers trapped beh…

The Killing of the Iron Twelve by Hedley Malloch


This compelling read begins by establishing the context whereby the German Army of occupation in 1914/1915 could execute soldiers found behind the lines. A wide variety of examples are given of soldiers caught alone or in groups, sent to prisoner of war camps or executed. A similarly thorough and enlightening study is done for German treatment of…