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'La Dolce Vita Supplying the British Army in Italy' 1917-1918 a talk by


A talk by the Rob Thompson on how the British Army ran and maintained supplies to its men holding the Italian front line in 1917 - 1918. In true Rob Thompson style this will no doubt be an informative and thought provoking presentation by a well known WW1 expert of logistics.  Having attended several of Rob's talks I can say those attending will n…

Cumbria Branch Summer Meeting


Starting at 10.30am.  Theme of the Meeting: 'A World at War' Speakers and Topics Stuart Eastwood: 'Salonika' Stuart Hadaway: 'From Gaza to Jerusalem, 1917' Dale Hjort: ' British Forces in Italy, 1917-1918'   To register for this meeting, which will include lunch, please contact the Branch Chairman Chris Payne. 

'British Forces in Italy 1917-18 ' a talk given by Dale Hjort


Dale’s talk describes how Italy's war with Austro-Hungary led to British deployment, the challenging conditions of the Alpine front, the defensive action of Asiago on 15 June 1918, crossing the Piave River and the final victory at the Battle of Vittorio Veneto, and the 48th Division advance through mountains.   IMAGE: 7th British Division in Cima…

'The Italian Front' by John Chester


John Chester will be giving a presentation on the Italian Front.    This will event will take place at the DCLI Museum, Bodmin and include a tour.   IMAGES: Italian front (World War I) photo collage. Public Domain. Wikipedia.  

070: April 2004


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Dale Hjort: The Battle of the Asiago - June 1918


After our Italian allies were overwhelmed at Caporetto in late 1917, an Anglo-French force was sent urgently to their aid  This talk concentrates on the successful defensive action fought by two under-strength British divisions on the vulnerable Asiago section of the coalition front when, in twenty four hours, two VC’s were won, Vera Brittain’s bro…

British Army in the Italian Alps 1917 by Robert Fleming


For two years Italy and Austria battled fiercely against each other across the High Alps and troops from both sides faced the risk of avalanche. When German troops arrived to bolster Austria in the summer of 1917, the British and French soon followed to support Italy. This talk will cover the whole period looking at how and why Italy entered the W…