Notes by The Way (Notices from the Editor)

  • Remembering John Terraine Founding President and Patron
  • Remembering John Toland author ‘The Last Hundred Days’

The Special Reserve by K W Mitchinson

Wigs & Guns : Tracing the personal stories of Irish barristers killed on the Western Front in the Great War by Anthony P (Tony) Quinn [John Giles Award Winner]

A Ripping Lot of Fellows Letters from a Grenadier Battalion Officer Lt. Eric King

Peter Wells' Sketches

War Art: Two French Artists: Pierre Comba (1895-1934) and Raymond Desvarreux (1876-1961) by David Cohen 

The Camera Returns (52): Abeele (Between Poperinge and Steenvoorde) by Steve Wall and Bob Grundy 

The 'Other Half' Regular British Army Reinforcements from Overseas to the Western and other Fronts, 1914-1915 Part I: The 7th & 8th British Regular Divisions France and Italy by Louis Ackroyd 

Crime and Punishment in the Royal Welch Fusiliers (RWF), from the Medal Roll of the 1914 Staf by David Langley 


The Gartside-Tippings by Keith Chambers 

Pte Pateman Goes to War by John Pateman

The Road to Baghdad by Jim O'Brien 

Diary of a Bradford Pal: Pte George W Broadhead 2nd Bradford Pals 1915-1916 by John Broadhead 

When Did Armistice Day Become Remembrance Sunday by J P Lethbridge

Arthur Seaforth Blackburn VC, 10th Battalion Australian Imperial Force 

Communications Lines (Letters to the Editor)

  • Lutyens and the Stone of Remembrance 
  • Charles Sargeant Jagger 
  • Chateau de La Louveterie, Belgium

Garrison Library (First World War Book Reviews)

  • Monumental Accusations. The Monuments aux Morts as Expressions of Popular Resentment by Marilane Pattern Henry
  • World War I German Aviators - The Sanke Cards by Charles Wooley
  • The US Army of World War I by Mark R Henry
  • Ireland's Banner County: Clare from the Fall of Parnell to the Great War by Daniel McCarthy
  • The Central Powers in the Adriatic 1914-1918. War in a Narrow Sea by Charles W Kourger
  • The Mammoth Book of How it Happened by Jon E Lewis
  • The Man who Invented Hitler by David Lewis
  • Storm of Steel by Ernst Junger
  • The Culture of Defeat: On National Trauma, Mourning and Recovery by Wolfgang Schivelbusch
  • Tolkien and the Great War: The Threshold of Middle Earth by John Garth
  • France and the Great War, 1914-1918 by Leonard V. Smith
  • The Great War - An Imperial History by John H Morrow
  • Trench Art: Materialities and Memories of War by Nicholas J Saunders
  • Russian Sideshow - America's Undeclared War, 1918-1920 by Robert L Willett
  • Anthem for Doomed Youth by John Stallworthy
  • Harlem's Hell Fighters: The African-American 369th Infantry in World War I by Stephen L Harris
  • Galloper Jack. A Grandson's Search for a Forgotten Hero by Brough Scott



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