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The Rungates Club


In John Buchan’s The Rungates Club (Handheld Press, £11.00) old friends, survivors of the First World War, meet. Among them are heroes of other famous Buchan novels: Richard Hannay, Edward Leithen and Sandy Arbuthnot. The themes of the 12 tales are varied. Three describe rational men encountering primeval, supernatural forces to their own cost - a …

Mr Standfast by John Buchan


Whilst John Buchan was not a combatant in the Great War, he was a significant figure in the nascent business of propaganda. In 1917 Buchan was appointed director the newly created Dept. of Information and subsequently was director of intelligence in the fully-fledged Ministry of Information. Concomitant with undertaking these roles, Buchan wrote Mr…

Ep. 174 – Ypres and its meaning through time – Prof Mark Connelly & Dr Stefan Goebel


Professor Mark Connelly, Professor of Modern British History, University of Kent and Dr Stefan Goebel, Reader and Director of the Centre for the History of War, Media and Society, University of Kent, talk about their recent book on Ypres. This is published by OUP. Your brows…