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Ep. 172 – Sevenoaks in the Great War – Matthew Ball


Matthew Ball talks about his research into the community of Sevenoaks during First World War in his book 'Sevenoaks. The Great War and its Legacy'. 

8 January 1915 : Pte Albert Croucher, 1st East Kent Regiment


His father was William James Croucher (a gardener/domestic servant) and his mother was Mary Ann Sharp.  At the 1891 Census at home, on Garlinge Greene, Petham age three, he was with his parents and young brother Albert (one). A decade later in 1901, his father was now 'head gardener'. Albert was at home, Paxton Cottage, St. Mary’s Platt, Kent a…

A talk by Peter Hart 'The Evacuation of Helles 1916'


We are looking forward to welcoming Peter Hart to the branch once again.  He has been a regular speaker for us over many years, and we have missed his visits over the past couple of years. Peter worked as the Oral Historian at the Imperial War Museum between 1981 and 2020.  In that time he interviewed innumerable veterans of both World Wars.  He h…

A talk by Dr Emma Hanna 'Sounds of War: Music in the British Forces in the First World War'


  Comparatively little is known about the musical cultures of the British armed forces during the Great War. This talk will look at the vital presence of music in a range of military contexts, including military camps, ships, aerodromes and battlefields, canteen huts, hospitals and PoW camps. Emma Hanna argues that music was omn…

A talk by Michael Lucas 'The Real General Mitford'


Bertram Mitford (1863-1936), like many in authority, attracted wildly different opinions: Kitchener, and 'The Wipers Times' thought highly of him: Sir John French and Hubert Gough did not. With distinguished service in the Sudan and South Africa, but some failures in peacetime, he was 'dug out' of early retirement in 1914. Mitford trained…

A talk by Marko Gasic 'What really happened in the Balkans in 1913'


(Serbian troops marching. Unknown author - Library of Congress Flickr Commons project) Marko is an expert on the Balkans and often comments on TV, radio and in the press. As an editor, he has had a 'major impact on the content and structure' over many years in developing and editing John Zametica's …

A talk by John Tanner 'Nonne Boshchen - 11 November 1914'


This talk explores the day the Prussian Guard almost broke the BEF line at Ypres. They were halted by XLI Brigade Royal Field Artillery firing over open sights, supported by their drivers and gunners acting as infantry, until a counter-attack by the 52nd Light Infantry and 5th Field Coy. Royal Engineers, restored the line. John Tanner's l…

A talk by Sarah Nathaniel, Commonwealth War Graves South East ' The CWGC: A deeper look'


Sarah Nathaniel is the Public Engagement Coordinator for the CWGC in the South East Region.  Her role covers Kent, East and West Sussex.  She is one of eleven, covering the whole country. Sarah's introduction to the Western Front was on a tour in 2004 with a group of other young people.  The cemeteries made a particular impact in the visitors and …

A talk by Steve Roberts 'Analysing the 1916 film 'The Battle of the Somme'


In 1916 Geoffrey Malins and John McDowell filmed the preparation for and early days of the Battle of the Somme.  The film was released in British cinemas in August 1916 and in the following weeks it was seen by millions of people.  In Canterbury it was screened at the St Georges Theatre in Lower Bridge Street. Running for 77 minutes, the film was …

A talk by Christina Holstein 'Verdun: The Left Bank'


Christina Holstein is a leading authority on the Battle of Verdun. For many years she lived close to the battlefield and has explored it in great detail. She regularly conducts tours of the battlefield for individuals or groups and, with her specialized knowledge of the terrain, has acted as consultant to a number of other historians, TV producer…

A talk by Carole Hope 'Across the Divide. An Irish padre of the Great War, Fr. William Doyle (S.J.) M.C.'


Carole describes herself (on Twitter) as "often in archives, books & online history platforms. Author/editor “Frank Speaking”. Loves dogs, football (hates VAR) & mountains. Carole lives in Bromley (I was born there), studied at the Open University (so did I) and published a book about Father Doyle in 2013. And she has been to Gallipoli wi…

A talk by Mark Harris 'Harwich Submarine Flotilla in the Great War'


Mark Harris is a military historian specialising in telling the story of the naval aspects of the Great War. He aims to reveal new insights from previously unpublished material, using both official archives and records of the experiences of the participants. This talk tells the authoritative story of the Royal Navy's first submari…

A talk by Peter Hart 'Somme Success. The Royal Flying Corps and the Battle of the Somme'


(Image IWM 05153 aircraft approaching the airfield at Baisieux, Somme)   Peter Hart needs little introduction to WFA members.  He has been speaking at branches for over twenty years and has visited us in Canterbury no fewer than nine times. However, he has eighteen talks in his list, so we are only half way through! He is also well known for hi…