A talk by Marko Gasic 'What really happened in the Balkans in 1913'
04 Apr

(Serbian troops marching. Unknown author - Library of Congress https://lccn.loc.gov/2014696820 Flickr Commons project)

Marko is an expert on the Balkans and often comments on TV, radio and in the press.

As an editor, he has had a 'major impact on the content and structure' over many years in developing and editing John Zametica's recent book, 'Folly and Malice: The Habsburg Empire, the Balkans and the Start of World War One'.

This talk will draw on that as well as on Marko's long interest in the Balkans and experience of research.

St Andrews United Reformed Church Watling Street Canterbury CT1 2UA
04 Apr 2023 19:00