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13 February 1915: Pte John Fawcett


His parents were Frank and Pricilla. He was the oldest of three, with sisters Annie and Ada.  His sister Ada died in 1894 when John was 12 years old. Age 20 in 1902, John enlisted.  Age 29 at the 1911 Census we find John married to Mary Jane, both were working as cotton weavers and they had two children by then: Thomas (2) and John (10 months).…

The Gallipoli Oak: A Story of a Family’s Unique Legacy to a Lancashire Fusilier by Dr Martin Purdy


PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE  - NOW 17 JAN In March 1922 a Lancashire businessman stepped from a cruise ship onto the Gallipoli peninsula. He was accompanied by a host of other pilgrims equally as desperate to visit this Mediterranean outpost as he and his wife, but what made James Duckworth stand out was the fact that he stepped ashore with a bucket o…

The Yorkshire Landings at Suvla


It is often thought that the first time the volunteers raised by Lord Kitchener went into action was at the Battle of the Somme in July 1916. Whilst this was the first time in the Great War that Kitchener’s men had been used in large numbers, their first action took place nearly a year earlier. The ‘Lancashire Landing’ at Gallipoli is very well kn…