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Events relating to the First World War taking place in Sussex this month.


For details of First World War events across Sussex >  First World War East Sussex   Sunday 4 November 1018   Lindfield Remembers World War I Exhibition King Edward Hall, Lindfield FREE ENTRY: donations to Lindfield Royal British Legion, Lindfield Bonfire Society, Lindfield Historical Society Group and Mid Sussex RED Exhibition includes:…

'Nurses, Spies and the Home Front' in the First World War with Philip Stevens


Philip Stevens will be speaking about nurses, spies and the Home Front during the First World War.  He is a full time author and expert on The Western Front. Before this he served as a regular officer in the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry. He regularly takes parties on battlefield tours. We ask for a £5 donation to cover our expenses.  All We…

"The Battle of Cambrai : There Was More To It Than Tanks' with Ross Beadle


We welcome Ross Beadle who is well known among the branches of The Western Front Association.  Ross will be speaking to us about the Battle of Cambrai and how it was more than just about tanks.  The battle lasted 13 days, but the tanks, which made the battle famous, had little role to play after 2pm on the first day. He used new artillery silent…

"The Forgotten Blitz  And The Defeat of the Zeppelin’s' with Ian Castle


We will be holding our AGM prior to our meeting. 

AGM will start at 19:00. 

Afterwards we welcome author and historian Ian Castle who will be be speaking to us about the First World War blitz caused by Zeppelin raids and how they were stopped. 

The First Blitz, one of several books by Ian Castle on Zeppelins of the First World War

We ask for a £5 donation to cover our costs.

Image: A Zeppelin raid on a British city at night time…