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British Logistics on the Western Front, 1914-1918


Book review by L G Shurtleff. Dr. Brown gives us what we seldom see, but need to understand: the history of how the greatest army in Great Britain's history was supplied. This is not a story of quick and complete success in overcoming inertia and inexperience. Rather it is a story of trial and error and of a very steep learning curve. It is …

113: October 2018 Special Edition


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The Contemptible Little Army, 1914 -1918


By Alex Saunt (Major Alex Saunt MBE served with the Light Infantry and with the SAS in Libya, Borneo, Northern Ireland, Germany and Denmark. He was awarded an MBE for his courage). The story of the expansion and development of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) 1914-1918 and how the Contemptible Little Army became a huge, effective machine. B…

ONLINE Zoom Meeting - Bullets, Bombs & Poison Gas: Supplying the troops on the Western Front 1914-18 by Dr Dave Rogers


ONLINE Zoom Meeting - Bullets, Bombs & Poison Gas: Supplying the troops on the Western Front 1914-18 by Dr Dave Rogers Soldiers in the trenches were issued with four bullets a day unless they were either snipers or manned a machine gun. This does not seem like a lot of bullets. However, four bullets a day is 28 per week and a million soldiers …

Ep.200 - Logistics during the Messines - Third Ypres Campaign - Rob Thompson


In this Mentioned in Dispatches podcast, historian Rob Thompson talks about what got him interest in the First World War, and how he became fascinated by a subject so many others found boring - logistics. He then weaves together a narrative that shows how successful 'logistics', known only as 'supply and transport' at the time, fed the BEF munition…

ONLINE: 'Never Mind the Quality – Feel the Width' with Rob Thompson


The presentation will be live and online.  The Role of the Somme Campaign in the Development of BEF Logistics The 1916 Battle of the Somme was a watershed moment for the British Expeditionary Force, both in terms of the course of the Great War on the Western Front and in public memory and perception. Recent scholarship has attempted to move focus…

'Where the money went - the financial cost of war' a talk by Roy Larkin


'Where the money went - The financial cost of war' a presentation by Roy Larkin will discuss logistics, how much items cost and also wastage. This will explain why war is an expensive business!   

Rob Thompson RIP


It is with the deepest of regret that we must inform members of the passing of our friend and colleague Rob Thompson. Rob lost his fight for life in the early hours of Monday morning (20 March). We offer our most sincere condolences to Rob’s wife and family. Many of you will be familiar with Rob’s characteristic enthusiasm for the understanding of…

The Rob Thompson Memorial Conference


The late Rob Thompson was, in his own words, an "accidental military historian". But, in the opinion of others, he was "a true scholar … with a new way of looking at the Great War" and "an off the wall character with rock star charisma". This conference celebrates his lifetime achievements - in historical research, critical interpretation and publi…

Where the money went - Part Three! A presentation by Roy Larkin


Roy continues to investigate 'where the money went' with part three which again looks at the financial cost of the conflict. He discusses how much was spent on munitions works, etc. for example and who spent the money but also asks 'was it worth the expenditure'. 

Logistics of the East Africa Campaign


Dr Samson is co-ordinator of the Great War in Africa Association and author of numerous articles and two books on the war in East, Central and Southern Africa. Her fascinating talk considers how a 'side-show' was kept provisioned over five years of fighting, with eight administrative bodies in control. Roads and rail links were few and anim…