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Fletching Church: Where Soldiers of the Great War Sleep


St. Andrew and St. Mary the Virgin is the parish church of Fletching, a charming little village in East Sussex, which nestles in the Weald around 13 miles north of the South Downs and borders the southern edge of the Ashdown Forest. It is thought that Fletching was founded in the late 5th century AD as an Anglo-Saxon fort. It appears in the Domesda…

The Cotton-Mill Worker, the Stockbroker and the Flammenwerfer: The 8th Battalion Rifle Brigade at Hooge


The small village of Hooge sits approximately three miles east of Ypres, and during the early stages of the Great War found itself situated squarely within the infamous salient, that which was so tenaciously held by the British throughout virtually the whole of the conflict. Following the Second Battle of Ypres, fought from 22 April to 25 May 1915,…

A Cockney Soldier and the Great War: Corporal William Charles Blumsom MM


Like so many that have an abiding fascination with the First World War, my interest was kindled when I learned that a relative had served in the conflict – in my case, my grandfather. I never knew him; he had died a quarter of a century before I was born. Inspired by family lore, I embarked upon an almost lifelong quest to reconstruct his life. Ini…