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Facing Armageddon: The First World War Experienced


By Hugh Cecil and Dr Peter Liddle First published by Leo Cooper in 1996, New edition edition (April 2003) £60 hardback 2003 edition. £10 - £13 second hand. ISBN-10: 1844680029 ISBN-13: 978-1844680023 New Edition 3 November 2016 £16.99 softback or £4.99 Kindle from Pen & Sword Pen & Sword, 936p, Ills, detialed notess & refs, bibl…

Tommy: The British Soldier on the Western Front by Richard Holmes


Harper Collins, 2004. Hardback, 716pp., £ 20.00.  Also available as a two volume Folio Society edition.  Few, whatever their level of expertise on the Great War, will be disappointed by this excellent, highly literate, book. IMAGE: Off-duty soldiers in a dugout near Ypres, November 1917 (c) IWM Q 1129 Tommy is without doubt the best and faire…

Riding the Retreat: Mons to Marne 1914 Revisited by Richard Holmes


Jonathan Cape, 1995.  Hardback, 280 pages   £20.  ISBN 0224037625 [This review first appeared in the 1996 edition of Stand To! No.45] Riding the Retreat arrived in my postbox just as I finished Army Battlefield Guide - Belgium and Northern France by the same author. They are in marked contrast. I have always hankered after riding the Somme on …