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22 May 1917 Private Herbert Killian


Herbert Killian was born in Burnley in the second quarter of 1898. Age 13, in 1911, Herbert was employed in a nut and bolts works. He lived with his father Michael, a coal miner (hewer), and his mother Margaret, who worked in the cotton mill. The family of 10 were living in a four room house in Burnley in 1911, moving to 16 Morley Street by 1917.…

Release of ‘Mutiny’ : Black British veterans tell their story of the Great War


A secret history of the First World War that the British Empire tried to hide. Black British veterans tell their story of the Great War. Now available on Amazon Prime 102 year old interviewee Gershom Browne Gresham Browne as a solder in 1915- age 18 In 1914 as the Great War began the majority of the British Empire’s non-white population we…

Not such a pretty postcard from the seaside camp at Seaford during the First World War


Set up in a hurry in the opening months of the First World War Seaford Camp in Sussex on England's south coast wasn’t ready for its first 10,000 trainees in September 1914 so the men, new recruits into Kitchener's Army from southern Wales and east Lancashire found themselves billeted on the town of Lewes, Sussex They were divided three ways betwe…