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Fritz and Tommy: Across the Barbed Wire


By Peter Doyle and Robin Schäfer The History Press 2016, £20.00, 288pp, ills (in page), postscript (voices quoted), bibliog, index. ISBN: 9–780–750–956–840 Review by David Filsell   Military historian (and ‘go–to’ television presenter ‘hunk’) Dan Snow’s reputation is now, apparently, such that his view, of Fritz and Tommy as ‘One of the few g…

'My Father’s Memoir of a WW1 Tommy' with Phil Sutcliffe


Phil Sutcliffe will give a talk he calls 'My Father’s Memoir of a First World War Tommy'. IMAGES: Nobody of Any Importance. A Foot Soldier's Memoir of World War I by Sam Sutcliffe edited by Phil Sutcliffe.   

Ep. 74 – The British Tommy in 1918 – Taff Gillingham


Historian and First World War expert Taff Gillingham delivers a lecture on the British soldier in 1918. This talk was given at The Western Front Association's York Conference on 7th July 2018. 

Ep. 115 – English infantryman’s morale and the perception of crisis on the Western Front – Dr Alex Mayhew


Dr Alex Mayhew discusses his PhD that looked at the English infantryman’s morale and perception of crisis on the Western Front. 

Tommy: The British Soldier on the Western Front by Richard Holmes


Harper Collins, 2004. Hardback, 716pp., £ 20.00.  Also available as a two volume Folio Society edition.  Few, whatever their level of expertise on the Great War, will be disappointed by this excellent, highly literate, book. IMAGE: Off-duty soldiers in a dugout near Ypres, November 1917 (c) IWM Q 1129 Tommy is without doubt the best and faire…

Tommy French: How British First World War Soldiers Turned French Into Slang


£19.99, Pen & Sword, 2021, 224 pp 30 b/w illustrations  ISBN: 9781526765925 [This review by Rachel Duffett first appeared in the October 2021 edition of Stand To! No.124] Parley voo frongsay? 'Napoo', 'compray', 'san fairy ann', 'toot sweet' - all are anglicized French phrases that came into use on the Western Front during the First World W…

Nobody of Any Importance with Phil Sutcliffe


A Foot soldier's Memoir of World War One. Phil's father, Sam Sutcliffe, was a World War One 'Tommy.' He enlisted at the age of 16 in the 2/1st Royal Fusiliers in September 1914 and subsequently fought at Gallipoli the following year. He then fought on the Somme in July 1916 before being sent home as he was discovered to be still too young for fore…

Branch Event: 'Jig-a-jig Tommy'


Bruce Cherry is an author, tour guide and former university lecturer with a PhD in military history. Amongst other titles is his book ’They Didn't Want to Die Virgins; a study of Sex and Morale on the Western Front'. Bruce’s talk includes the British Army’s attitude toward sex, the soldier’s moral code, army morale, and the sexual lives of troops o…