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A Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain


Feminism of the First Hour?  Released in 1933 as Germany faced the beginnings of the rise of fascism, A Testament of Youth recounts the First World War as years of love, desolation and loss leading to a life of pacifism, through the personal narrative of Vera Brittain – a fiancé in waiting turned volunteer nurse.  As a middle-class girl from Derb…

Dr. Viv Newman - "Now the lousy war is over; plenty still for us to do". Women in the aftermath of the Great War


We welcome Viv Newman back to Hatfield Peverel for her latest presentation.  Over the past few years Viv has shared her research with us about the vital work and contribution of women, across the combatant nations, during the war and in this talk she moves onto the post-war period to discuss the challenges and opportunities that faced women, in a w…

Women at War, in postcards and pictures - John Chester


John Chester is Chairman of the Spalding and South Lincolnshire Branch of the WFA, and a Deacon in the Baptist Church.  He is also well known as the Cenotaph Parade Marshal at the WFA’s annual Armistice Day commemorations at the Cenotaph in Whitehall.  Over the last 27 years of public speaking, he has visited just about every branch of the WFA, del…