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The Infamous Dutch Lady And Other Famous Espionage Agents of the Great War


Arguably the two most famous, or infamous, individuals engaged in espionage during the Great War were a tall exotic dancer of Dutch/Indonesian extraction and the sender of a telegram who was a German official of the highest rank. There were others who, perhaps, we would call today 'celebrity spies'. Very little is known about the details of their e…

The Zimmermann Telegram : Intelligence, Diplomacy and America’s Entry into World War I by Thomas Boghardt


US Naval Institute Press, 2012, $36.95, xii pages, 319pp, illustrations, bibliography, index. ISBN: 9‒781‒612‒511‒48‒1 [This review first appeared in Stand To! No.98 September 2013] In a well‒documented and closely argued text, the author draws on documents not available at the time Barbara Tuchman’s classic work was written in 1957 and takes a…

Ep.251 – Debating America’s response to the Great War – Dr Neil Lanctot


Historian Dr Neil Lanctot talks about his recent book The Approaching Storm which explores the domestic debates and discussions that informed America’s response to the outbreak of the Great War and its eventual declaration of war in April 1917. The Approaching Storm explores the perspectives of three prominent US newsmakers: President Woodrow Wi…