There are no fewer than 25 articles on tanks featured in Stand To! A popular subject, it has been covered in many different ways, including by 'The Camera Returns' on three occasions and  more than one on 'War Art'. All of these articles can be readily found by Western Front Association Members through their Member Login with access to the Stand To! Archive. Simply go to the issue to read the article that interests you!

Stand To! Articles on the tank: 


Art at the Front: Muirhead Bone 'Tanks' by Julian Freeman 


Stand To! No.9 Winter 1983


The Lincoln Tank Group by R E Dryden 


Stand To! No.14 Summer 1985


The Camera Returns (10) King George V at Sautrecourt with the Tanks by Bob Grundy and Steve Wall 


Stand To! No.28 Spring 1990


Behind the Lines (15) Chinese mechanics working on engines in the Tank Workshops


Stand To! No.29 Summer 1990


Following in Father's Tanks Tracks by J R Sherratt


Stand To! No.29 Summer 1990


The Camera Returns (13) Whippet Tanks Outskirts of Mailly Maillet by Bob Grundy and Steve Wall


Stand To! No.31 Spring 1991


One Thousand More Tanks by John Hussey 


Stand To! No.38 Summer 1993


Ironclad. The Service of 202081 Pte Frank Beresford H Bn Tank Corps by Charles Reece Beresford 


Stand To! No.40 Spring 1994


Some Further Notes on Army Organisation by Bob Butcher and Terry Cave : Tanks


Stand To! No.41 Summer 1994


Tractors to Tanks: The Evolution of the Landschip by William Hanigan 


Stand To! No.45 January 1996


Chapter II: Tank Corps 1917


Stand To! No.54 January 1999


War Art: Tank Battle on the Somme by Captain Bryan De Grineau, 1883-1957 by David Cohen


Stand To! No.54 January 1999


A Tank at Passchendaele


Stand To! No.55 April 1999


Chapter 8: Some Personal Accounts of the Battle by Tank Officers


Stand To! No.56 September 1999


The Room Where the Tank Was Invented or Was it? by Ken Ellis


Stand To! No.66  January 2003


The Camera Returns (51) Renault FT17 tanks in Nampul by Steve Wall and Bob Grundy 


Stand To! No.69 January 2004


Tracking a Tank by Frank Herron


Stand To! No.74 September 2005


The Camera Returns (56) Tank near Premont by Steve Wall and Bob Grundy 


Stand To! No.74 September 2005


The Mark VII Tank: Experiments with Hydraulic Drive by Christopher Nash 


Stand To! 78 January 2007 


When The' Tank Bank' Came to Town by Donnie Nelson 


Stand To! No.79 April 2007 


War Art - The Tank as Art: David and Judith Cohen 


Stand To! No.92 August/September 2011 


Dummy Tanks - A Real Great War Phenomenon by Martin Davies 


Stand To! No.95 September 2012 


First Tanks at Elveden by David Fletcher


Stand To! NO.104 September 2015 Special Edition 


The First Tank Action in History by David Fletcher


Stand To! 107 October 2016 


Facing the Tanks The German Army at Flers – 15 September 1916 by Jack Sheldon


Stand To! 107 October 2016 


The ‘Tank Corpse’ of Cambrai : A Century-Old Mysets by John Taylor and Rob Kirk


Stand To! No.109 June 2017 (Special Edition)