British classical music composers who served in the Great War by Viv John
06 Sep

Viv joined the WFA in late 1986.  Over the years he’s been secretary, vice chairman and chairman and given talks to the S. Wales branch and others.

The Great War was a source or much poetry and prose literature but very few consider music beyond ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’ and the like.  As someone long interested in classical music Viv began to look into its place in the war, and the men who wrote it.  It was apparent that, of those who were of an age to fight, a number were killed.  And as a corollary to the importance of the Somme to British arms, four composers are listed on the Thiepval memorial, three killed in the first few days of the 1916 fighting.  Also, some of the music is beautiful.  The talk progressed from there. 

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Fairwater Conservative Club, 61 Ely Rd, Cardiff CF5 2BY
06 Sep 2024 19:30