Le Moncel September 1914 - Lance verses Lance (via ZOOM) by Maj. Phil Watson (rtd.)
29 Feb

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On 7 September 1914, the 9th Lancers (2nd Cavalry Brigade) conducted the last lance verses lance charge on the Western Front. It took place at Le Moncel, just outside Paris, on what would become the end of the Retreat and the beginning of the Battle of the Marne. The commanding officer, and two troops of B Squadron charged a squadron from 1st Garde Dragoner. The story was depicted in

paintings, which misrepresented the action. Likewise, the regimental history only recorded that which supported the cavalry narrative. The presentation seeks to represent an accurate portrayal from both German and British sources.

ZOOM Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84330336002?pwd=UHNqYUN4K2FCQWNHNGQ1UHdUQjYxdz09

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