Verdun: Recovering the Fallen (ZOOM) by Christina Holstein
04 Oct

Formerly a long-time resident of Luxembourg, Christina knows the north-eastern part of the Western Front very well, often conducting battlefield tours there. She has also written six notable books (see "Notes" below) on the Battle of Verdun, and has acted as a consultant and historian to numerous BBC documentaries.

'Verdun: Recovering the Fallen' By the Battle of Verdun's end in December 1916, roughly 300,000 French and German soldiers had fallen, many disappearing without trace. After the war, the enormous task of finding and dealing with the remains took several years, aroused violent argument, and left many people without answers. While French families could raise private memorials, German families could not, and decisions concerning German remains were taken by French authorities. Today the French and German authorities work together whenever war dead are recovered. However, many remain lost and the recent reappearance of unauthorised memorials poses a dilemma for local officials.

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04 Oct 2024 19:30