‘1918-2018: The End of the War and the Re-Shaping of a Century’


This important and unique conference will be taking place between the 6-8 September 2018 at the University of Wolverhampton.

Seven keynote addresses from some of the leading academic authorities on the First World War and its aftermath will be at the heart of the conference, along with over 60 speakers in themed panel sessions.

Organised in partnership with the Western Front Association, ‘The End of the War and the Re-Shaping of a Century’ seeks to spotlight the latest research on the events of 1918 as well as the global significances, consequences, and legacy of this watershed year.

‘The End of the War and the Re-Shaping of a Century’ brings international perspectives and encompasses a wide range of historical approaches as well as cross-disciplinary insights.

‘The End of the War and the Re-Shaping of a Century’ will include a roundtable discussion based on the theme of: ‘A Hundred Years of Teaching, Learning and Understanding the First World War: Where are we now?’


The Keynote Speakers

Professor Alison Fell (University of Leeds), ‘Women as Veterans of the First World War in France & Britain'

Professor Peter Frankopan (University of Oxford), ‘The Legacy of the First World War in Asia’

Professor John Horne (Trinity College Dublin), ‘When Did The First World War Actually End?’

Professor Gary Sheffield (University of Wolverhampton), ‘The Place of 1918 in Military History’

Professor Sir Hew Strachan (University of St. Andrews), ‘How the War Shaped Understanding of Strategy in the Twentieth Century’

Professor Laura Ugolini (University of Wolverhampton), ‘What next? British men and masculinities after the war'

Professor Jay Winter (Yale University), ‘War and Revolution, 1918'


Over 60 additional speakers

Sofya Anisimova

Stephen Badsey

Rebecca Ball

Jim Beach

Louise Bell

Eilis Boyle

James Bruce

Anne Buckley

Jane Clarke

Mark Connelly

Laura Coward

Robert A. Davis

Jack Davies

Peter D’Sena

Ann-Marie Einhaus

Claire Eldridge

Carole Evans

Miguel Freire

Andrew Frayn

Simon Gregor

Adrian Gregory

Philippa Gregory

Stuart Hadaway

Brian Hall

Glyn Harper

Dónal Hassett

Marguerite Helmers

Carol Henderson

Partick J. Houlihan

Ian Isherwood

Tomoyuki Ishizu

Michael Joseph

Chris Kempshall

Paul Latawski

Steve Lau

Alex Mayhew

Caitriona McCartney

Yvonne McEwen

Alistair McCluskey

Anna Muggeridge

Christine Myers

Hussein A H Omar

Brendan O’Shea

Rob Page

Corinne Painter

Linda Parker

Jane Potter

Tammy Proctor

Roger R Reese

Jeffrey Reznick

Stephen John Roberts

Ingrid Sharp

Peter Stanley

Matthew Stibbe

William Stewart

Richard Stobo

Tom Thorpe

Vincent Trott

Vanda Wilcox

Rebecca Wynter

Edmund Yorke

David Zabecki


Panel Topics:

New Technologies and Communications

The War and The Shaping of Modern Religion

Representations of War

Health, Care and Welfare After 1918

Command and Cohesion

The Centenary as Viewed from the British and French Empires

Women writing the First World War, 1918 to 2018

Organisations, Values and British Society

1918: Kaiserschlacht and Aftermath

Windows into the War: Micro-History Approaches

The War’s Immediate Aftermath

Africa and the Middle East: Imperial Ambitions and Global Consequences

1918: The Hundred Days, Military Operations and the Closing of the War

‘Are YOU in this?’: Everyday English Home Front Experiences

‘League of Nations? Alliances During and After the War’

Roundtable Discussion  ‘A Hundred Years of Teaching, Learning and Understanding the First World War: Where are we now?’

Commemoration and the Construction of Memory

War and Post-War Experiences

Revolutionary Women: Gender perspectives on the Revolution of 1918 in Germany

New Armies: New ‘Orders’


For further information, a full draft programme, conference fees and details on how to book your tickets, please visit the conference webpage: The End of War and the Reshaping of a Century.