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At the Eleventh Hour. Reflections, Hopes and Anxieties at the Closing of the Great War. 1918


Book Review by Bob Wyatt. This book deals with the Aftermath as it was being experienced by men and women all over the world, and the editors have drawn upon the expertise of scholars to provide a snapshot of the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Contributions come from a wide range of historians: Bullitt Lowry on negotiati…

‘1918-2018: The End of the War and the Re-Shaping of a Century’ 6-8 September


‘1918-2018: The End of the War and the Re-Shaping of a Century’   This important and unique conference will be taking place between the 6-8 September 2018 at the University of Wolverhampton. Seven keynote addresses from some of the leading academic authorities on the First World War and its aftermath will be at the heart of the conference, alo…

Alcohol, sex and violence: some after-effects for the families of service personnel by Dr Frances Hurd


Frances reflects on several case studies of men who returned after the war but were very different from the men who had gone to war. Lieutenant Norman Kelley, who became an alcoholic, is one of her ten principal subjects. His story is compared with those of Captain Robert Gee, VC, and Corporal Charles Bull, both of whom in the judgement of their f…

'Versailles, a Failed Peace' by Dr Simon Peaple


We welcome Simon back to the branch!  Simon's  talk looks at the impact of the Versailles settlement on Europe and the links between it and the outbreak of WW2 before contextualising the argument in relation to the Depression.

Aftermath: 1918–1924, Years that Shaped the Twentieth Century


By Graham Berry  Twentieth Century Austin Macauley, £8.99, 206pp, ills. ISBN: 978 1 78693 737 7  Hindsight is a wonderful thing, yet, it is nonetheless tantalising to pose the question: had the leaders of the Great Powers known what they were about to destroy, would they still have embarked on war in 1914? As is clear from the title, this is not …

The Great War: Aftermath by Prof John Derry


A great deal of ink has been devoted to analysing the causes of the First World War, but there are good reasons for studying its consequences. The most obvious result of the war was the collapse of the empires: the Russian, the Hapsburg, the Ottoman and the German. The peace settlement at Versailles was supposedly based on the principles of nationa…

'The First World War - The Aftermath' by Prof John Derry


Caption: Menin Gate in Ypres, symbol of peace and commemorationImage sources: Wikimedia Commons Always an entertaining and popular speaker, Professor John Derry looks at the events following the Treaty of Versailles. The end of the Great War saw the destruction of the Austro-Hungarian, German, Russian and Ottoman empires and heralded the destabili…

One Day Conference : 'To End All Wars? The Aftermath and Legacy of The First World War'


Registration at 09:30am


Professor Gary Sheffield, (University of Wolverhampton, President of The Western Front Association): ‘Hinge of the 20th Century: The Aftermath of the First World War’

Gerry White, (Island of Ireland Trustee, WFA): 'From Gunner to Guerrilla - Tom Barry's Road to Rebellion'


Port Centre, Alexandra Rd, Nor…

5 October : 'To End All Wars. The Aftermath and Legacy of the First World War'.


Professor Gary Sheffield and Gerry White will be presenting at this one day conference Venue: Port Centre, Alexandra Road, North Dock, Dublin, DO1.  Time: 9:30am Registration 10:00am  Start 05:00pm Closes Talks Professor Gary Sheffield : ‘Hinge of the 20th Century: The Aftermath of the First World War’ Gerry White : 'From Gunner to Guerril…

116: October 2019


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