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083: August/September 2008


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The Armistice at Home and Abroad


The Armistice at Home and Abroad Armistice Day’s rejoicing spread throughout Britain at remarkable speed as the simple messages on the reverse of this postcard underline: What do you think of this - do you know all of them. Bert calls them Chiltern Terrace Washer Women. The date is on when they were taken. Some excitement. The date is almost c…

Online Talk -The 9th Battalion East Surrey Regiment and the German Spring Offensive March 1918 by Neil Rosoman


Neil will be talking about the 9th Battalion of the East Surrey Regiment at Maissemy, near St Quentin during the first week of the German Spring Offensive in March. The story of how a typical front-line Battalion fought for their lives under the most tremendous pressure to stand and hold as long as they could to give the reserves time to meet the c…

Online Zoom Meeting - Frontline medic - Captain George Pirie, RAMC by Michael Lucas


Online Zoom Meeting  - Frontline medic - Captain George Pirie, RAMC by Michael Lucas Captain Pirie was Regimental Medical officer from May to September 1915 with the Hampshire’s then Royal Fusiliers, 29th Division, on Gallipoli, where he was wounded. He was then RMO on the Western Front with 9th Btn East Surrey Regt, 24th Division from December 19…