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072: January 2005


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1917: Right Story, Wrong Location


The following piece, by military historian Andrew Rawson discusses the location implied in the new film '1917'. I am no fan of the majority of modern World War I films, because errors and inconsistencies with the facts irritate me. However, they do bring pleasure to a great many and even introduce new people to this important period of history. I …

Truth in the Telling: A Review of 1917


There is much to write about the film 1917. But in the interest of those prospective cinema-goers who will journey to the trenches for Sam Mendes’ ode to his grandfather (Rifleman Alfred Mendes M.M., 1st Rifle Brigade, 4th Division), I will do my best, for now, to say little. The problem is one of expectations. Some audience members have made th…

Filming All Quiet on the Western Front by Andrew Kelly


I.B. Taurus, 1998. Price unknown.  ISBN 86064 000 0.  Erich Maria Remarque's extraordinary novel All Quiet on the Western Front invariably leaves a deep and lasting impression. 600,000 copies were sold across the world within three months of its publication in January 1929. Though not the first war film to be made, Lewis Milestone's film of the b…

Film Review : All Quiet on the Western Front reviewed by Major General David T. Zabecki, U.S. Army (Ret’d)


[This article first featured in edition No.123 of Bulletin (page 48). Members received this, our in-house magazine three times a year and Stand To! our journal, four times a year].  The new German remake of All Quiet on the Western Front is an excellent movie-right up until the final half hour. Then it goes off the rails. The period work is spot…