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Crossing No Man’s Land. Experience and Learning with The Northumberland Fusiliers in the Great War


Reviewed by Bob Wyatt. Crossing No Man’s Land is the 17th in Helion’s acclaimed series of Wolverhampton Military Studies. It publication was preceded by three articles by the author which appeared in the Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research. These preliminary writings covered the regiment’s deployment on the Somme, the Territorial b…

Britain’s Quest for Oil, The First World War and the Peace Conferences


Reviewed by Chris Robinson. Britain’s Quest for Oil, charts the awakening and development of Britain’s military, diplomatic and commercial imperatives to secure oil supplies. In this reviewer’s experience, little of this complex story has been told to date, at least for the general reader. The industrial nature of the Great War was obvious to st…

Understanding the Ypres Salient. An Illuminating Battlefield Guide


Reviewed by Stephen Broomfield. On receiving this book my first thought was ‘Oh – yet another guide to the Ypres Salient’: I was perhaps a little unfair. This is a valuable guide. As might be expected, with Helion’s excellent production values – all maps and photographs are in colour and very clearly-produced. It is also of a size that will easily…

What did you do in the Great War Grandfather? The Life and Times of an Edwardian Horse Artillery Officer.


What did you do in the Great War Grandfather? The Life and Times of AN Edwardian Horse Artillery Officer. Helion, £16.95. 187pp, 187 ills, 4 maps, bibliog., index ISBN 978 1 91217403 4 Charles Barrington Author, Charles Barrington, enjoys the good fortune of being published by Helion, and, consequently, the assurance of quality productio…

The Indian Army in the First World War Editor Alan Jeffreys


Helion, £35.00, 313pp, Notes, refs, bibliog, index. ISBN: 978–191–151–278–3 Contributors include: Daniel Marston, Raymond Callaban, Rob Johnson, Graham Winton, Joseph Moretz, Adam Prime, Cat Wilson, David Omissi, Alan Jeffreys, Andrew Jarboe, Michael Creese, Kristian Coates Ulrichsen, Peter Stanley and Anirudh Deshpande. [This review first app…

Ep.233 – Moonlight Massacre at 3rd Ypres – Dr Michael LoCicero


Dr Michael LoCicero, an independent scholar and the Commissioning Editor at Helion & Co., talks about his recent book, A Midnight Massacre, that explores the final operation at Third Ypres, in December 1917. Your browser does not support the audio element. …

Ep.292 – The 6th Div in the GW – Dr Peter Hodgkinson


Historian, clinical psychologist and author Dr Peter Hodgkinson talks about his recent book A Complete Orchestra of War. This is a history of the 6th Division on the Western Front during the First World War. Your browser does not support the audio element. …

Reclaiming the Salient: Resurrecting the Great War Battlegrounds of Flanders Fields


By Roger Steward £19.95 paperback‏: ‎ 240 pages, bibliography, index, photographs ISBN‏: ‎ 978-115113-67-2 Helion, 2023 On any visit to the battlefield sites on the Western Front two features are unavoidable. Firstly, a countryside filled with cemeteries and secondly the large amount of munitions which are either stacked neatly by the road awai…

Ep.304 – The Indian Army in the First World War – Dr Alan Jeffreys


Dr Alan Jeffreys talks about his recent publication of collected essays on the Indian Army recently published by Helion.


Alan is Head of Equipment and Uniform at the National Army Museum an…

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