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Clearing the Dead 1919-39


In October we welcome Peter Hodgkinson who will speak to the branch on 'Clearing the Dead 1919-39'. For many years there has been considerable interest in battlefield archaeology. Between the wars, however, a process similar to modern archaeology was carried out to attempt to unearth the missing and bury them properly in IWGC cemeteries. It was a …

Lutyens and the Great War by Gerald Gliddon & Tim Skelton


Frances Lincoln Ltd Publishers, 2008, £30, 224pp, illus, index. ISBN 978-0-7112-2678-8  This coffee-table size book, published on the 90th anniversary of the Armistice, is a real credit to its joint authors: WFA member Gerald Gliddon, who needs no introduction to readers of Stand To!; and Tim Skelton, a chartered surveyor and a member of the Lutye…

Memories of the child of an Imperial War Graves Gardener


In November 1999, a WFA member called Frank Burns of Scruton, Yorkshire, was invited to address a local branch of Probus on the subject of ‘Visiting the Battlefields of the First World War’. Enjoying a coffee before the meeting began, he was approached by a man carrying a plastic bag containing old photographs and newspaper cuttings. The man was ca…

To What Extent was the Empire’s Commemoration of Those who Served During the First World War Equal?


[This article is by Matthew Cogan aged 19, and is based on his essay which won the Colin Hardy Memorial Prize. Matthew is now (2020-2021) in his first year studying history at the University of Oxford.]  The First World War was the bloodiest war the world had ever seen when it ended in 1918. It was a truly worldwide conflict; both the first and la…

Childhood memories of Gallipoli in the 1920s


The passion of members of the Western Front Association is such that few fail to recognise an important historic account when they come across one – and thanks to member Edward Lever, a rare first-hand account and photographs of early commemorative work and commemoration at Gallipoli would be recorded for posterity. As part of our ongoing explorat…

'Uncovering the Dead 1919-39' - Dr Peter Hodgkinson


There is currently considerable interest in battlefield archaeology. Between the wars a similar process occurred to exhume the bodies of missing soldiers, identify them, and inter them in IWGC cemeteries. How was this done?  Who did it? What were their experiences? Dr Peter E. Hodgkinson will discuss these questions. Peter Hodgkinson has an MA i…

'The biggest single piece of work since the pharaohs - the role of the Imperial War Graves Commission, 1917-39' - Mark Connelly


We welcome Mark Connelly back to our Hatfield Peverel venue to present his talk about the creation and work of the Imperial War Graves Commission. This is a huge organisation that we hold in the highest regard for their ongoing work in caring for the Fallen.  Mark has presented many, varied talks to the Branch over the years. The meeting will have…

First World War Seminar Series 2023-2024 : Opportunities to explore the history, legacy and impact of the First World War


This annual seminar series, now in its eighth year, and supported by The Western Front Association is organised by the University of Kent School of History and the In Flanders Fields Museum, Leper/Ypres, Belgium. It will cover a variety of topics on the First World War. As in previous years the lectures will alternate between Canterbury and Lep…

SEMINAR SERIES : 'Under an English Heaven: Ideas of England in the entrance ways of IWGC war cemeteries on the old Western Front ' with Dr Tim Godden


Dr Tim Godden will be giving a talk called 'Under an English Heaven: Ideas of England in the entrance ways of IWGC war cemeteries on the old Western Front. Tim is an artist and Honorary Fellow, University of Kent. Now in its eighth year, the initiative is supported by The Western Front Association. Events alternate between the University of Ke…

‘Uncovering The Dead 1918-1939’ with Peter Hodgkinson


We welcome historian Peter Hodgkinson to Sussex. Peter will be speaking about a fascinating area and untold story of the aftermath of the First World War. This is a different insight on how it still affected people years after the Great War had finished. All are welcome to our branch, we ask for a £5 donation to cover our costs.