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26 November 1917 : Unterjäger Bernard Halbeisen


Bernard was a builder before the war. He enlisted into the army in July 1914 and saw his first actions against the Russians in Galicia before moving to the Italian Front in late 1915 where he was to remain until his death. During this period, Bernard was to be awarded the Tapferkeitsmedaille for bravery three times (1st and 2nd Class in silver…

‘Allies are a Tiresome Lot’: The British Army in the First World War


By John Dillon Helion & Co Ltd, Solihull, £29.95, 221pp, 15 ills,4 maps bibliog, notes and refs, index ISBN 978-1-910777-32-9. Book Review by David Filsell This, the 12th in the ever excellent Wolverhampton Military Series, published by Helion, is another good overview of Britain’s relative poorly covered involvement the war on the Italian …

091: April/May 2011


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22 December 1918 : Patrouilleführer Erhard Klotz.


Erhard was employed as a company representative (company unknown) before the war. Called into service in 1916, he served on the Italian front throughout the war before being taken prisoner in mid-1918. Erhard died at Verona, Italy on 22 December 1918. His burial location is unknown. Patrouilleführer Erhard Klotz, K K L I R Nr 2. 22 December 19…

A Farewell to the Army Service Corps: The story of 'another' Ernest on the Piave


Many of those with a passing interest in the First World War may be familiar with the semi-autobiographical account 'A Farewell to Arms' written by Ernest Hemingway which was first published in 1929. This tells the story of the activities of a soldier of the American Red Cross (in effect a thinly disguised Hemingway) on the Italian front in 1917-18…

The White War: Life and Death on the Italian Front, 1915-1919 by Mark Thompson


ISBN 10: 0571223346   ISBN 13: 9780571223343 Publisher: Faber & Faber, 2009 This is a well crafted and thoroughly researched overview of Italian participation in the Great War. It details military events on the Italian Front from the opening of the war in May 1915 until the armistice and the main outlines of Italian politics, including cha…

Ernest Hemingway – A Farewell to Arms (1929)


Considered to be the high priest of modernism, it could be argued that Hemingway transformed the face of literature. Prior to the release of his debut novel, the literary stylings dominating the publishing industry were those of unnecessarily verbose and ‘flowery’ Victorian authors. However, in 1918 Hemingway went to war. While volunteering for the…

ONLINE: High Wire: Travels along the Italian Front with Tom Isitt


The presentation will be live and online.  Author and historian Tom Isitt takes us on a tour of the Italian Front, from 'the howling wilderness' of the Isonzo battlefields to the soaring peaks of the Dolomites. This was WW1 as most people have never seen it, a vertical war in snow and ice, where death was more likely to come from an avalanche …

The Mountain War, A Doctor’s Diary of the Italian Campaign 1914 – 1918


By Dr Isaak A Barash Pen & Sword, 2021 £20.00, 220 pages, photographs and index ISBN 978–1–39909–310–1 [This book review first appeared in the April 2022 issues of Stand To! No.126] There are so few Austrian or Italian memoirs from the Italian Front translated into English that it’s refreshing to find this offering from Pen & Sword de…

British Forces in Italy 1917 - 1918


‘British Forces in Italy 1917 – 1918’, by Dale Hjort. In October 1917 French and British troops were sent to Italy after a German-Austrian armybroke through the Italian front at Caporetto and began an advance almost to the gates ofVenice. Dale Hjort will examine the notable part these forces played in the challengingconditions of the Alpine front,…

'High Wire: Travels Along the Italian Front' with Tom Isitt


Author and historian Tom Isitt gave us a wonderful talk in April of last year, 'Riding in the Zone Rouge: The Tour of the Battlefields 1919' and he returns this month with another fascinating tour, this time of the Italian Front, from 'the howling wilderness' of the Isonzo battlefields to the soaring peaks of the Dolomites. He presents a WW1 that m…

'Travels Along The Italian Front' - Tom Isitt


We shall welcome Tom Isitt to Hatfield Peverel on Wednesday 10th of January to receive his presentation on the Italian Front.  Tom supplements the historic detail of the various actions through the War with fantastic current day photos of the positions held by both sides , often perched on precarious peaks along the mountain ranges on the border be…