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100: June 2014 Special Edition


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'Sir William Robertson: Architect of Victory' with Ross Beadle


Ross visits the Branch with his presentation where he discusses the impact of Sir William Robertson on British Military tactics and finally the road to victory 

CHECK WITH THE BRANCH : Sir William Robertson Architect of Victory? - Talk by Ross Beadle


Haig gets all the attention, but he was only half of the double act that set British war plans from December 1915 to February 1918, all the way through the Somme and Passchendaele battles, the other half of the act was Sir William Robertson, Chief of the Imperial General Staff and famously the only man ever to rise from the lowest rank all the way …

'Cambrai' with Ross Beadle


This month the branch is very pleased to welcome back Ross Beadle who, on this occasion, will speak on the subject of Cambrai. This significant 1917 action was notable for the use of tanks but was also a significant artillery battle that merits further study. Members and guests are encouraged to come along and listen to what will be an information…

Ep. 95 – The Rise of Sir William Robertson – Ross Beadle


Historian Ross Beadle talks about the rise of Sir William Robertson who was appointed to the role of Chief of the Imperial General Staff in December 1915.

There was more to it than tanks: The Battle of Cambrai Nov-Dec 1917 with Ross Beadle (Zoom Webinar)


We all know the story: The tanks break the deadlock on the Western Front and is a harbinger of the victories of 1918. England’s church bells are allowed to ring in celebration for the first time. But it all ended in disappointment, stalemate and the almost inevitable concerted German counter-attack. The outcome was a disappointing score draw. Ac…

Ep. 221a – The Schlieffen Plan : 1914 March to the Marne in 1914 - Part 1 – Ross Beadle


Episode 1 : Research into the ten critical decisions of the French, German and British commanders that shaped the failure of German Schlieffen plan in 1914.

Ep. 221b – The Schlieffen Plan : 1914 March to the Marne - Part 2 – Ross Beadle


Episode 2 : Research into the ten critical decisions of the French, German and British commanders that shaped the failure of German Schlieffen plan in 1914.

The 10 Decisions That Decided the Battle of the Marne - Ross Beadle


The First Battle of the Marne fought from 6 to 12 September 1914 resulted in an Allied victory against the German armies in the west. By 9 September, the success of the Franco-British counteroffensive left the German 1st and 2nd Armies at risk of encirclement, and they were ordered to retreat to the Aisne River. The German retreat brought to an en…

ONLINE: ‘The Big Brain in the Army’: The Rise of Sir William Robertson from Trooper to Chief of the Imperial General Staff


Sir William Robertson is an important but underrated figure in in the story of the British Army. In this presentation, Ross Beadle will look to explain more about 'Wully'.  Apart from being a larger than life figure Robertson has two major claims to have shifted the course of history. He remains to this day the only man to have risen from the lowe…

Marching to the Marne with Ross Beadle


Ross examines the advance of the German Army through Belgium and France in August and September 1914 and identifies ten key decisions - six German, three French and one Anglo-French - that changed the eventual outcome of the campaign, two of which probably destroyed what small chance Germany had of a decisive victory. ~ ~ ~  The Warwick Arms Hote…

"The Battle of Cambrai : There Was More To It Than Tanks' with Ross Beadle


We welcome Ross Beadle who is well known among the branches of The Western Front Association.  Ross will be speaking to us about the Battle of Cambrai and how it was more than just about tanks.  The battle lasted 13 days, but the tanks, which made the battle famous, had little role to play after 2pm on the first day. He used new artillery silent…

"The Law of Unintended Consequences: The road to Sarajevo" by Ross Beadle


A bizarre and unlikely chain of events almost totally beyond the control of the Great Powers led to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in June 1914. And had it happened ten or even five years earlier, the assassination would not have even mattered a jot. This talk examines the sequence of chance events of the preceding 36 years, and e…

Ross Beadle - ‘The Origins of the Schlieffen Plan: German War Planning up to July 1914'


This talk will consider how 'If you make a false premise at the very beginning, it really doesn’t matter how relentlessly logical you are thereafter the whole edifice is built on sand'. That is the story of German war planning. And to complicate the history further, once 44 years of work has gone belly up, as it did in 1914, those responsible have …