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'Sir William Robertson: Architect of Victory' with Ross Beadle


Ross visits the Branch with his presentation where he discusses the impact of Sir William Robertson on British Military tactics and finally the road to victory 

CHECK WITH THE BRANCH : Sir William Robertson Architect of Victory? - Talk by Ross Beadle


Haig gets all the attention, but he was only half of the double act that set British war plans from December 1915 to February 1918, all the way through the Somme and Passchendaele battles, the other half of the act was Sir William Robertson, Chief of the Imperial General Staff and famously the only man ever to rise from the lowest rank all the way …

'Cambrai' with Ross Beadle


This month the branch is very pleased to welcome back Ross Beadle who, on this occasion, will speak on the subject of Cambrai. This significant 1917 action was notable for the use of tanks but was also a significant artillery battle that merits further study. Members and guests are encouraged to come along and listen to what will be an information…

There was more to it than tanks: The Battle of Cambrai Nov-Dec 1917 with Ross Beadle (Zoom Webinar)


We all know the story: The tanks break the deadlock on the Western Front and is a harbinger of the victories of 1918. England’s church bells are allowed to ring in celebration for the first time. But it all ended in disappointment, stalemate and the almost inevitable concerted German counter-attack. The outcome was a disappointing score draw. Ac…

Ep. 221b – The 1914 March to the Marne Part 2 – Ross Beadle


Episode 2 : Research into the ten critical decisions of the French, German and British commanders that shaped the failure of German Schlieffen plan in 1914.