This is the Centenerary 1918-2018 Special Edition of Stand To! 

Editor’s Introduction

  1. Hearing from those involved at the birth of The Western Front Association. 

Communications Lines (Letters to the Editor)

  • Quoting Peter Scott and the editorial policy of Issue No.1 of Stand To!
  • Paul Goodwin (Membership no.53 remembers)

A Day to Remember 28 June 1914 by Dr Eric Webb

The Origins of the Schlieffen Plan by Ross Beadle

Mons to the Marne 1914 - The French Perspective by Peter Hart

British Infantry Reserves for the Great War (Part 1) by David Langley

The Camera Returns (82): Tower of London by Bob Grundy and Steve Wall

The Western Front Association Comes Alive! by Kate Pegler

Twenty-One Miles of Open Sea - The Royal Flying Corps Goes to War by Captain David Rowland

The Red Baron's Broken Engine by John Hughes-Wilson

The British Army at Le Cateau - 26 August 1914 by Adrian Gilbert

‘Into the Lion’s Den’ Infantrie-Regiment Nr. 72 at Le Cateau - 26 August 1914  by Sebastian Laudan

One Hundred Years On - Le Cateau and its aftermath by Charles Hopkinson

Taken in the First Few Weeks. Five First-Hand Accounts of British Prisoners of War by A D Harvey

Stand To! - Editorial Memories by Bob Butcher (Editor Issues 19-38)

George Otto Schack-Sommer a Briton in the Army of the Tsar by David Whittaker

The BEF at War - August to November 1914: Through the Lens of Major Thomas Stanton Lambert’s Camera by Terry Dean

Message in a Bottle. The Experiences of 14896 Private George Brearley - 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards - in the Great War by Nigel Wood

An Australian at First Ypres by Aaron Pegram

The Munitionette’s First Heavy Shell. The Struggle to produce Munitions 1915 to 1918  by John Hughes-Wilson

Maricourt 1914 - Dr Jack Sheldon

Editorial Memories by Ann Clayton (Editor Issues 41-79)

John Giles Photographer. A Landscape Changed by Paul Reed

Biggles' Last Flight: Captain W E Johns and 55 Squadron RAF by David Tattersfield

War Art - CSM Major Alexander Gibb, 2nd Battalion Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders by David and Judith Cohen

Benjamin Smith and Comrades - at War with the KOYLI by Patrick Dolan

‘Emusqués of the worst type, living among the fleshpots of Paris’ The British Permanent Staff at the Supreme War Council by Chris Baker

‘War Dog 180’ Animals on the Front Line 1914 to 1918  by John Hughes-Wilson

Transport and Transportation on the Western Front by Bob Butcher

Bare Hands, Steel Tracks by Dr Lee Ho Yin and John Crampton

Man of Mystery - Lance Corporal William Shields 2nd Battalion East Lancashire Regiment, and his death on board HMS Hampshire by Peter Threlfall

The New Paper Money. British War Measures & ‘Dora’ From 1914 by John Hughes-Wilson

An Ex-Chairman’s Memories by Chris Baker

‘Thy Will be Done’ A Family Memorial Card by Gordon MacKinnon

Poetry Matters by Vivien Whelpton

The Nhamacurra Engagement: 1-3 July 1918

Return to France and Flanders. 11th Battalion The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment) Battlefield Tour 1931 by Paul Cobb

My Memories of the WFA by James Brazier (Member No.4, WFA Treasurer 1980-91, Bulletin Editor 1993-2000)

Garrison Library (First World War books reviewed)

  • Wilfred Owen by Guy Cuthbertson
  • A Singular Day on the Somme - The Casualties of the Liverpool Pals 1 July 1916 by Joe Devereux
  • Remembering Tommy - The British Soldier in the First World War by Peter Doyle and Chris Foster
  • Mapping the First World War: Battlefields of the Great Conflict from Above by Simon Forty
  • Empire of Destruction - the 51st (Highland) Division in the Great War by Colin Campbell
  • A Tommy at Ypres by Walter Williamson
  • The Wipers Times introduced by Christopher Westhorp
  • France on Fragile Wings - a Libertyman’s Adventures 1917-1919 by William B & Sharon R Stine (Eds.)
  • Tim’s War: The Psychology of War and Peace Through One Man’s Eyes by Robin E Gregory (Ed.)
  • A Doctor on the Western Front - The Diary of Henry Owens 1914-1918 by John Hutton (Ed.)
  • A Tommy at Ypres by Walter Williamson
  • Achievement-The Righting of a Great Wrong 1914-1918 by Ian W.Hall
  • Broken Sword - The Tumultuous Life of General Frank Crozier by Charles Messenger
  • Haig’s Intelligence - GHQ and the German Army, 1916-1918 by Dr Jim Beach 
  • Hundred Days: The End of the Great War by Nick Lloyd
  • Loyalty Betrayed. Jewish Chaplains in the German Army during the First World War by Peter C Appelbaum
  • Posters of the Great War by Frederick Hadley and Martin Pegler
  • Muddling Through! The Organisation of British Army Chaplaincy in World War One by Peter Howson
  • Above Flanders: The German Air Force in Flanders 1914-1918 by Bernard Deneckere
  • The Ploegstreet Sector by Paul Foster

Short Notices 

  • Coventry and Warwickshire 1914-1919. Local Aspects of the Great War Volume 1 by Chris Holland
  • Portobello and the Great War by Archie Foley and Margaret Munro
  • From Bats to Beds to Books. The First Eastern General Hospital (Territorial Force) in Cambridge - and What Came Before and After It by Philomena Guilllebaud
  • The Great War Cook Book, from Trench Pudding to Carrot Marmalade by May Byron
  • A Home Front Diary 1914-1919 by Lille Scale
  • The Ploegstreet Sector by Paul Foster
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