This item appeared first appeared in Communication Lines (letters to the editor) in the Stand To ! No. 31 Winter 1991

Sometime ago, a member's request for information had me checking up the name of a divisional concert troupe, a subject on which I had no records. Since then I have been collecting these names which are, frequently, another clue to a division's identity.

Some titles reflected the divisional insignia, some troupes had names associated with the region from which they came, while others were the brainchild of their founders.

According to the 6th Divisional history, the first division to form a concert troupe ('The Follies') was 4th Division, in the early part of 1915, followed by 6th Division ('The Fancies').

Most, if not all, divisions on active service formed a concert troupe, so my list is far from complete; can any member add to it?

4th Div The Follies

5th The Whizz Bangs

6th The Fancies

9th The Thistles

12th The Spades

15th The Jocks

17th The Duds

19th The Follies

20th The Very Lights

21st The Soarers

23rd The Dumps

29th The Diamond Troupe

34th The Chequers

36th The Merry Mauves

1st Can The Volatiles

ANZAC The Shrapnels

37th The Barn Owls

40th The Gamecocks

42nd Th' Lads

46th The Whizzbangs

47th The Follies

49th The Tykes

50th The Jesmond Jester

52nd The Thistletops

56th The Bow Bells

58th The Goods

59th The Crumps

60th The Roosters

62nd The Pelicans

3rd Can The Dumbells

4th Aus The Smart Set


Terry Cave, Worthing