Tom is a public historian, podcaster, Belfast City tour guide, and an aspiring academic. His academic curiosity centres around combatant morale in 20th-century conflicts, delving into how societies, contexts, organizational cultures, and personal experiences shape the motivation of individuals to engage in armed conflicts.


With a specific interest in the Great War, Tom focuses on the service of his grandfather's unit, the 1/13 Battalion, London Regiment (Kensingtons). He was Chair of the London Western Front Association (WFA) Branch and his current position as the Secretary of the Antrim and Down WFA branch.


Tom holds a Ph.D. from King's College London in Defence Studies, where his research examined small group cohesion in the 56th Division during the Great War.


Beyond academia, he wears multiple hats as the host, editor, and executive producer of two podcasts. The first, Mentioned in Dispatches, is the WFA's weekly podcast that comprehensively explores all aspects of the First World War. Additionally, Tom runs the Combat Morale Podcast, a new venture aimed at unraveling the factors that drive combatants to fight (or not) in armed conflicts.

Dr Tom Thorpe AITG MCIPR MA BA | PR & Press Trustee and presenter/producer, Mentioned in Dispatches Podcast | The Western Front Association