Gary Haines is an archivist with a career of over twenty-five years. He began working as a

volunteer in his local borough archive. He has worked for the V & A, the Mercers’ Company,

the Whitechapel Gallery and currently for the RAF Museum. He is a freelance writer, widely

published on a wide variety of social and cultural history topics with work in various

magazines and websites including Toy Soldier International Magazine and Art UK website.

He is also an experienced public speaker.

Gary’s work can be found in the pages of Stand To! He was first published in his very early

research days, Haig: “Tally-Ho” and “Historical Amnesia”: The Great War and Popular

Conceptions was published in September 2005 and his next, some 17 year later in 2022 ‘The

Scratch of the Surgeon’s Knife’.

His passion is to tell the stories of those