Morris’s career commenced in the military and theoretically ended in 1982 but since then has been called up as a specialist reservist on numerous occasions, spending a lot of time in the Middle East and would have been working on Eastern Europe had he not been ill.

Morris moved into education after 1982 working for a short time as a teacher and then as headteacher before moving into inspection and teaching in universities as well as heading schools. he always worked with SEND children who had severe behavioral issues.

Morris has since worked in the MoD / FCO and DEFRA. His research degrees were on lessons learned after Somme, Hibernaculum’s for Barbastelle bats, and strategic financial planning /crisis recovery.

 Morris’s  World War I interests are eclectic, but has focussed on Airships and submarines for some time. Presently Morris is the Branch Coordinator Trustee for The Western Front Association.