Two short talks on; 11th Welsh at Salonica & Further enhancing the redemption narrative: The 38th (Welsh) Division, Mametz Wood by Phil Davies & Jon Williams
02 Feb

A new talk on the 11th Welsh by branch chair, Phil Davies. The 11th (Service) Battalion were formed at Cardiff in September 1914 as part of K3. Moved to South Downs and came under orders of 67th Brigade in 22nd Division. Moved to Hastings in December 1914 and on to Seaford in April 1915. Went to Aldershot in May. Landed at Boulogne on 6 September 1915. Sailed from Marseilles on 30 October 1915, eventually to Salonika.

Followed by a continuation of last year’s talk on Mametz Wood 1916 by branch member, Jon Williams

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Fairwater Conservative Club, 61 Ely Rd, Cardiff CF5 2BY
02 Feb 2024 19:30