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022: Spring 1988


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025: Spring 1989


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Ep. 109 – Operation Delta – Dr Bill Stewart


Dr Bill Stewart talks about the Canadian Corp’s Operation Delta and how it shaped operations during the 100 Days in 1918. Your browser does not support the audio element.

The Battle of Hill 70


The Third Battle of Ypres (commonly, but inaccurately known as ‘Passchendaele’) commenced on 31 July 1917. High hopes of success soon evaporated as the attack bogged down in the mud caused by torrential rain. In an attempt to draw German troops away from the Ypres sector, a diversionary attack was planned to take place to the south in the Lens/L...

Two brothers, but in different armies


It is not unusual to find brothers who were killed in the Great War. It is, however, unusual to find brothers who fought in different national contingents. One example of this is the case of Homer Emmett Smith who died on 10 November 1917 whilst serving in the 20th Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force. His brother Leon also served and was kill...

ONLINE: Secrets and Lies: Operation Llandovery Castle. Moving the Canadian Corps for Battle, August 1918 with Rob Thompson


The presentation will be live and online.  The Battle of Amiens began on 8 August, 1918 and was described by General Ludendorff as the 'Black Day of the German Army'. The BEF, spearheaded by the Canadian Corps smashed through the German lines in a surprise attack that penetrated up to eight miles. Above: Canadian troops supported by an A...

ONLINE: The Canadian Corps in the Hundred Days: Two talks by Tim Cook and Bill Stewart


The presentation will be live and online.  We are delighted that we will be able to bring you two talks - both on the Canadian Corps in the Hundred Days. In the first presentation, Dr Bill Stewart will bring us 'Tubes, Typewriters, Trucks and Training 1918: The Canadian Corps' Advantages' Bill will examine the multiple ways in which the Canadi...

Passchendaele Remembrance Ceremony and Torchlight Procession


On the 10th November 1917, the village of Passchendaele was taken by troops of the Canadian Corps and this marked the culmination of the Third Battle of Ypres. The terrible fighting and treacherous conditions over the best part of almost three and a half months had taken it’s toll on both sides. The estimated casualties have been given to be ove...

ONLINE: A Self-Contained Military Force: The Story of the Canadian Corps Tramway Companies on the Western Front


The presentation will be live and online.  The purpose of this talk by Bradley Shoebottom is to explore how tramways were an effective way of moving ammunition, supplies and evacuating casualties in the forward battle area across shell torn earth during the First World War. After starting tramways as local initiatives by British divisions in 1...

Vimy Ridge Day 2024


The Government of Canada will be holding a commemoration event at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial at 3pm on Tuesday 9th April 2024. This will mark the 107th Anniversary of the Canadian Corps’ magnificent action in capturing Vimy Ridge in the early days of the Battle of Arras. The memorial, designed by Walter S. Allward and unveiled by King E...