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070: April 2004


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Ep. 5 – French Tanks in 1917 – Dr Tim Gale


Dr Tim Gale talks about ‘The development of French armoured warfare doctrine in 1917 ’, a lecture from the joint WFA and British Commission for Military History conference ‘The Armies of 1917’, held in April 2017.

France and the Great War, 1914-1918. Leonard V Smith, Stephane Audoin- Rouzeau and Annette Becker


Cambridge University Press, 2003, 218 pp, index, illustrations, maps, bibliography. (New Approaches to European History). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0 521 66631 7, £15.95 soft cover; ISBN 0 521 66176 5, £42.50 hardcover. Kindle £25, Hardcover (New £111 - Used £66), Softcover (New £26 - Used £2) Prices as of 2022  Translations f…

The first French observation balloon of the Great War shot down


    October 9,1915; 7am on the Somme-Suippe-Perthe, Marne, Part of the champagne region. 20th company commanded by Captain Perrin in the misty air a balloon had been in the air for 2 hours at 800m altitude.  From behind a cloud suddenly the staccato of a machine gun was heard, then the noise of an engine and an aircraft appears looking very big…

The Great War and the French People by Jean-Jacques Becker


343pp., hardback £25 (1986 price) (Paperback £8.95).  Berg Publishers Ltd. The effect of modern war on civil populations has become a field of considerable interest to historians of late, not least because it was a field that had previously attracted very little attention. Professor Becker's study utilises a mass of published and unpublished m…

August 1914 by Bruno Cabanes


One of the positive features of modern Great War scholarship is the number of books that allow historians to understand the conflict from the perspective of another of the combatant nations. Bruno Cabanes’ August 1914 tells the story of France, and French society, in that cataclysmic first month of the war. Cabanes not only draws on government arc…

The Russian Expeditionary Force in France and Macedonia, 1916-1918


In 1916-1917 Russian Empire sent about 40,000 soldiers to fight with the French army in France and Salonika. After the revolution of 1917, the soldiers refused to fight and found themselves trapped in the Western front. This talk explores this not so well-known page of the Entente history. Sofya Aniisimova is a PhD Candidate at the University of S…