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086: August/September 2009


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The Bloody Hand by Blaise Cendrars


The Bloody Hand is the work of one of France’s literary greats.  This is a new edition from Nicholas Baupré This limited edition hardback has been produced with crafts skills. Considerable thought has been given to the design, the layout of text on the page and the wonderful selection of art, drawings and coloured pictures from the trenches. Cend…

Robert Graves: From Great War Poet to Good–bye to All That, 1895–1929


By Jean Moorcroft Wilson Bloomsbury, £12.95, 460pp, 24 ills, list of abbreviations, notes, index. ISBN: 978–147–292–914–3 Prolific barely indicates the length and breadth of Robert Graves’ writing. The 2003 Penguin edition of his complete poems alone contains 837 pages and includes formerly un–published and posthumously published works. Since…

114: February 2019


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Ep. 147 – Officer Cadet Battalions – Charles Fair


Charles Fair talks about his research into Officer Cadet Battalions during the Great War. The evolution of the OCBs stemmed from a shortage of officers from late 1915/early 1916. A system of picking those from the 'right schools' would no longer suffice. There was also a problem with what to do with the 'inefficient', a euphemism for 'incompetent'…

Her Privates We by Frederick Manning


There is an introduction from the author and poet Edmund Blunden; he describes ‘Her Privates We’ as a ‘new kind of candid, reflexive writing’. Ernest Hemingway loved the book. It had me thinking of Norman Mailer or Henry Miller. It is certainly from the same Pantheon as Erich Maria Remarque (All Quiet on the Western Front), Robert Graves (Goodbye t…

Goodbye to All That by Robert Graves


Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd ISBN: 9780141184593  Perhaps better known as a poet and writer of historical fiction – notably I Claudius – in 1929 Robert Graves wrote an autobiographical account of the first thirty years or so of his life. Although Goodbye to All That deals with Graves’ early life and the ten years after his demobilisation, these mi…