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About The WFA


The Western Front Association was formed in 1980 to maintain interest in the period 1914-1918, to perpetuate the memory, courage and comradeship of those on all sides who served their countries in France and Flanders and their own countries during the Great War. It does not seek to glorify war and is non-political. For a modest annual subscription…

100: June 2014 Special Edition


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'The Knutsford Lads Who Never Came Home!' a talk by Tony Davies


Join us for an interesting talk by Tony Davies about the lads from the village of Knutsford in Cheshire who never came home in the First World War. Based on his research into the men commemorated on the Knutsford War Memorial, and his book 'The Knutsford Lads Who Never Came Home', this well illustrated talk will give us a detailed insight into the…

POSTPONED : 'Hartelebury V.A.D.' a talk by Doug Smith


This event is now scheduled for 8 January 2021 In the First World War many hundreds of houses were converted into hospitals to help cope with the many thousands of wounded.  When the War ended these houses were closed and the vast amount of records of the patients and nurses who were at these hospitals, destroyed.  Not so Hartlebury VAD Hospital i…

CANCELLED : 'Aftermath' a talk by Professor John Derry


Due to the Coronavirus, all meetings have been postponed or cancelled until further notice. Please check with us before venturing out to an advertised event.  We are delighted to welcome Professor Derry for another talk on the First World War. On this occasion he will cover the events which took place following the Armistice on 11 November1918 and…

Bridge to Victory: Combat Bridging on the Western Front - Tony Ball


Our talk, on Monday 19th January, is “Bridging to Victory; Combat Bridging on the Western Front".   Our speaker, Tony Ball, will be we familiar to all our regular attendees but for those who have not had the pleasure of hearing him speak before you are in for a treat. Tony has a wealth of experience and his detailed knowledge of the Western Front…

Members' evening.


Tonight we will be having a number of short presentation from our branch members, details of the talks will be available on our Facebook page in the week before the event.

The Milton Keynes WFA Conference


Expert speakers presenting exciting aspects of the Great War:  Alexandra Churchill: ‘The Hejaz Railway’ Peter Hart, Gary Beale: ‘Laughter or Cry: Life or Death in the Trenches’ Michael O' Brien: 'The Pirate of Buccari’ Helen Frost: ‘The Women’s Land Army ‘ Buffet lunch included, plus tea, coffee and biscuits throughout the day. Milit…

A Concept Vindicated: The Battle of the Falkland Islands, 1914 - Scott Lindgren


In early 2023, Scott visited Ruddington to talk about the Battle of Coronel, and perhaps unwisely, offered to return to the branch and give his follow up talk on the Battle of the Falkland Islands 1914!Following Coronel, the Royal Navy dispatched three battlecruisers to hunt down the German East Asia Squadron. This lecture examines the engagement, …

Nobody Of Any Importance: A Foot Soldier's Memoir Of World War One - Phil Sutcliffe


Sam Sutcliffe grew up a poor boy in north London, enlisted at 16, fought on the front line at Gallipoli 1915, the Somme 1916, and Arras 1918 where he was taken prisoner. Somehow he stayed lucky, survived – and, in his seventies, he finally unleashed his remarkable near-total-recall memory and wrote it all down, childhood to demob.In this talk, his …

Bringing The Past To Life - Jason King


This is something a little different for our branch, but will hopefully help to provide an insight into how the Great War is taught to the current generation.Jason spent many years as a teacher and has developed a series of interactive workshops on the Great War which can be taught to both primary and secondary school age children to help develop a…

The 24th Infantry Brigade At Passchendaele - Martyn Watkinson


Martyn made his first visit to the branch in 2023 to give his talk on the painting 'Gassed' and has kindly agreed to return to give another talk on a subject of particular interest to him. This time, his talk will look at the 24th Infantry Brigade and it's involvement in the initial stages of the Third Battle of Ypres, and will in particular focus …

Rather A Big Bang - Nigel Crompton


Nigel will be making his first visit to the branch and his talk will look at munitions factory explosions and Health & Safety (or lack of it!) Talk includes Chilwell, Silvertown, Faversham, plus many others, and discusses medical issues, fire fighting and policing amongst many other themes. PLEASE NOTE: This meeting is the third Friday in the …

The Tank Corps In The Hundred Days Campaign, 1918 - Peter Harris


Peter studied the role of the Tank Corps in the Hundred Days Campaign 1918 for his PHd dissertation. The talk will give an overview of the role played by the Tank Corps in the Hundred Days campaign.

William Robertson: Architect Of A Winning Strategy Or Merely Haig's 'Man Of Buisness In London'? - Ross Beadle


Ross made his last visit to the branch in 2023 to give his talk on The Origins of the Schlieffen Plan and has kindly agreed to return to give another talk on a subject of particular interest to him. This time, his talk will look at William Robertson. Robertson was the creator of the modern position of Chief of the Imperial General Staff, who impo…

The Invisible Corps - Roy Larkin


Roy will be making a return visit to Ruddington to talk his specialist subject, the Army Service Corps.

In this talk he will give a brief overview of the Army Service Corps 1914-18, revealing a story of evolution, passing the buck and meddling civilians!