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Lancashire North Despatch Issue 8: Nov 2011


Lancashire North Despatch Issue 8: Nov 2011   On 10th November 1920 the frontispiece photo (IWM ref Q111468 ) shows the UnknownWarrior being borne along Admiralty Pier, Dover to be buried in Westminster Abbeynext day. Michael Gavaghan on Page 7 revisits the writing of his book entitled “TheStory of the UNKNOWN WARRIOR” which was first published i…

Known unto God: the missing of the Great War by Simon Fowler


This talk tells the stories of some of those commemorated on the memorials in Ypres, Thiepval and elsewhere and looks at the struggles of their families to find out about what happened to them. It was said that the grieving mothers and widows suffered doubly because they did not know where their menfolk had been buried. It will also discuss how and…

The Story of the Unknown Warrior by Michael Gavaghan


M & L Publications, c/o Livesey-Scott Solicitors, Derby House, Fulwood, Preston, Lancs. PR2 8JF, 1995. Hardback, 88p [This First World War book review first appeared in Stand To! No. 46 April 1996. This magazine, the journal of The Western Front Association is published three times a year. The entire archive of over 118 issues is available to …

'A Letter to the Unknown Warrior' by Eloise Rawsthorne-Durand


  The author's great-grandparents during the Second World War    This is my story. Many still come to me for reassurance, many still look at me in pain and many more look at me for guidance but I call to the unknown whilst their families are near. Giving them a spark of hope just when time runs out.  I had a family once long ago but I had to p…

The Name Beneath the Stone by Robert Newcome


Universe Press, 2019, £10.99, pb. Ills. 350pp.  ISBN: 9781912690558 In November, 1920, the body of an unknown soldier was plucked from the battlefields of the First World War and buried amidst great solemnity in Westminster Abbey – a powerful symbol of those who lost their life in the catastrophic conflict. The importance of this body’s identity …

Armistice Day Commemoration 2020 Video


For those of you who like me watched the Covid restricted Remembrance Sunday coverage from the BBC probably would agree that it was a sad experience. Sadder still is the numerous Remembrance Day services up and down Britain that have fallen victim to the pandemic and more specifically the lockdown. When it became apparent that last week’s renewed …

Ep. 183 – The Unknown Story of the Unknown Warrior – David Scott


Mark Scott talks about his new book, Among the Kings, that gives a new story on the Unknown Warrior. This is published Blacstaff.

Stand To ! No. 120 The Unknown Warrior Special November 2020


Available in print and digitally to members of The Western Front Association. 96 richly illustrated pages including the following articles:  No Man’s Land: Vernon Bartlett, The Unknown Warrior, and the Literature of Disillusion by Professor Gary Sheffield  Peace and Commemoration: Britain after the First World War by Justin Saddington  The Fr…

The Baralong Incident 29 January 1917


The Baralong was a 'three island' tramp steamer built in 1901 by Armstrong & Whitworth. She was requisitioned by the Navy in 1914 intended as a supply ship but in early 1915 was identified as a potential decoy ship. Modification works to equip her for this role, including the installation of three concealed twelve pounder guns, were carried out…

Out Now! Bulletin February 2022


Editor: Ralph Lomas CONTENTS Page(s) Annual Service of Remembrance 2/11          Ypres Revisited! Pilgrims Return 13.           ExCo Matters/Project Big Push 14/17 European/Development/Digital 18/21 Stereoscope News 22/23  Chairman's Tour, October 2021 …

The Story of the Unknown Warrior of Westminster Abbey by Gerry White


The tomb of the Unknown Warrior, which is located at the west end of the Nave of Westminster Abbey in London, symbolizes the courage and sacrifice made by members of the British armed forces who fell during the Great War. Ever since the Unknown Warrior was interred in the abbey at a State Funeral on 11 November 1920, his tomb has become a place of …