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Pension Records Look Up


Unfortunately, due to a number of factors, the manual look up service for the WFA's Pension Record Cards has had to be suspended. All requests have been serviced up to date, but no new requests will be accepted for the foreseeable future. The WFA would like to thank its Development Trustee, David Tattersfield and his wife who have undertaken the…

The Scanning of Pension Records is underway


Members of The Western Front Association will no doubt be pleased to learn that scanning of the Pension Records has commenced. The scanning, which will of course lead to the digitisation of the records, has come about after detailed negotiations with Ancestry who have undertaken to scan and digitally make available the approximately 8 million reco…

Bulletin 109


Our member magazine Bulletin just came out.   In this November/December Issue Members get international, national and branch news as well as other WFA related news and, items, notices and advertisements. Receiving Bulletin, and its sister magazine Stand To! is on of the many benefits of being a WFA member. New members receive a welcome pack…