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'Fighting Spirit' a talk by Fraser Skirrow


Fraser Skirrow will give a presentation on fighting spirit in the First World War.  Fraser is an author and speaker on military tactics and organisation in the First World War.  In January 1917 the 62nd Division went to France – a second line territorial unit, it had no experience of the realities of the Western Front and its first engagements we…

'Battlefield Success' – How the British Army became a war winning weapon with Fraser Skirrow


In January 1917 the 62nd Division went to France – a second line territorial unit, it had no experience of the realities of the Western Front and its first engagements were disastrous. By 1918 it was acknowledged to be one of the most reliable and aggressive units in the army. This talk looks in great detail at how one battalion of the 62nd changed…

ONLINE : 'Battlefield Success: Achieving Tactical Excellence in an Infantry Battalion 1916-18' with Fraser Skirrow


The presentation will be live and online. This talk, by Fraser Skirrow, looks at the development of training, tactics, weapons and organisation. Told through the experiences of a West Yorkshire battalion, it focuses on how new weapons and techniques were applied by the infantry on the battlefield. The story illustrates the growth of all arms…

ONLINE: 'Fighting Spirit - patrolling and raiding with the West Yorks' by Fraser Skirrow


Captions - Above: painting from Foot Patrol (1916). Online talks: Powered by zoom and held usually on the last Thursday of the month, these talks start at 19:45 and end about 21:00. Participating is quick and easy. The only equipment you need is either a computer, or a tablet, or a smart phone. Simply email us - - and we'l…

2022 Spring Conference and AGM


Programme for the day   9:30am Doors open. Teas/coffees 10.15am Welcome by the Chair 10.20am ‘Three Days at Marfaux: July 1918’ Second battle of the Marne. Innovation and improvisation on the battlefield with Fraser Skirrow 11,20am ‘A forgotten Navy: Fishermen’s involvement in the Great War’ with Dr. Robb Robinson 12:20pm Buffet Lunch 1:20pm…

'A Yorkshire brigade at Cambrai' by Fraser Skirrow


Caption: Tanks arriving by rail. Relying on new research, Fraser explores how tanks and infantry cooperated and were coordinated in this groundbreaking all arms offensive. About the Talk: In the early hours of 20 Nov 1917 the infantry battalions of 185 Brigade had their first chance at large scale all arms warfare. There has been much discussion a…

Stand To! No. 129 Out Now


Members and Digital Members should all have received the latest issue of Stand To! No.129 by now.  If you'd like a copy, join today! Digital Members are sent a PDF and given access to the entire back catalogue of Stand To! > Benefits of membership > Join Today!  This is the contents: Communication Lines 2–4 The Came…

Ep.288 – Raiding – Fraser Skirrow


Author and historian Fraser Skirrow talks about raiding on the Western Front during the First World War.

Once the frontline became static and dominated by trenches, barbed wire and artillery, …

'Fighting Spirit - Patrolling and Raiding with the West Yorks 1917-18' a talk by Fraser Skirrow


This talk looks at the routine daily business of dominating the enemy through the development of patrolling and raiding in a West Yorks battalion. It examines who was involved, how the patrol and raiding war actually worked, what was achieved and discusses whether the emphasis on patrolling had any effect on fighting abilities. With modern and cont…

'Three Days on the Marne - Improvisation and Innovation on the 1918 Battlefield' with Fraser Skirrow


In July 1918 the 62nd Division was rushed to the Reims front to support the French Army. Used to the open ground of Northern France they found themselves in hilly wooded terrain. Their attack on 20 July cost them heavily as they came up against new defensive tactics that neutralised many of the methods that had brought success in trench warfare. Tw…

Annual Conference & AGM 2024


This year the AGM will be held in Leeds at Weetwood Hall Estate Start 10.15am. (Doors open at 9.30am).  Topics and Speakers: Anne Buckley ‘Germans on the Run, from Tsingtao to Skipton’ Dr Irfan Malik ‘Dulmial village (in modern day Pakistan) in the Great War Fraser Skirrow ‘Most of the Work, Most of the Blame, None of the Credit. Platoon com…

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