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The Final One Hundred Days of the Western Front


Introduction The British involvement in war on the Western Front lasted for 1,294 days: from the 12th of August 1914 - when the first elements of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) arrived in France - until the 11th November 1918, when the Armistice took effect. For each of those days an average of 1,751 men were wounded and 436 died (the latte…

Mons 1914 by John Terraine


Mons 1914 (Lecture given to The Western Front Association in 1990 by the then Honorary President John Terraine) I didn’t have much choice about the title of  my first book, Mons, the Retreat to Victory, which came out thirty years ago, in 1960. Messrs B. T. Batsford were publishing a series overall title of Great British Battles. It was a good se…

British Military Leadership in the First World War by John Terraine


(This lecture was given by John Terraine , the then Honorary President of The Western Front Association in 1991. It was later published in a 'Leadership & War' and published by The Western Front Association in 1998).  This is a subject  subject which has been  steeped in misunderstanding,  prejudice and pure mythology for over seventy years an…

The German Offensives of 1918 by Martin Kitchen


  Tempus Publishing, 2001, £25, 283pp, index, illus. ISBN 0 7524 1799 1 [This review first appear in the April 2002 edition of Stand To! No. 64. This review and the entire archive of Stand To are available to members via thier Member Login].  Publishers have recently shown two welcome trends in writing about the Western Front. Because of the po…

The German Offensives of 1918: The Last Desperate Gamble by Ian Passingham


Pen and Sword, £19.99, 181pp, 43 ills, 3 mps, 8appendices, notes, bilio, index. ISBN 184415762-8  Whilst Ian Passingham’s account of the German Spring Offensives of 1918 has enjoyed some harsh judgment on the Great War Forum, it would be a great mistake to over-egg the critical pudding. Whilst Martin Kitchen’s The German Offensives of 1918, publi…

Ep. 244 – A Legacy of the First World War: Hindenburg, Ludendorff and Hitler – Alex Clifford


Historian and author Alex Clifford talks about his recent book on Hindenburg and Ludendorff and how their Great War experience assisted in the rise of Hitler and the Nazis. He explores two of twentieth-century history’s most significant figures who have been largely forgotten – Paul von Hindenburg and Erich Ludendorff, Germany’s First World War…

ONLINE: The Aisne Again – the Essence of Blitzkrieg in the Spring of 1918?


The presentation will be live and online.  After relatively unsuccessful attacks on the Somme and the Lys, General Ludendorff sought a new sector in which to continue the heavy assaults of his 1918 Spring offensive. He chose the thinly held Aisne front between Soissons and Reims. The German advance here was the furthest ever made, on one day, on …

ONLINE: 'Ludendorff Offensives (Mar-Jul 1918)' by Prof David Stevenson


Caption: (L-R) Hindenburgh, Kaiser Wilhelm II and Ludendorff in Avesnes, Northern France, March 1918. About this talk: this talk looks at the Ludendorff Offensives - also known as the Kaiser's Battle ('Kaiserschlacht'), or the German Spring Offensive - which took place from March to July 1918. Initially, it tested the Allies to their limits and le…

Hindenburg, Ludendorff and Hitler: Germany’s Generals & the Rise of the Nazis by Alexander Clifford


(Pen & Sword, 2021) £25.00, 368 pages, notes, sources, b/w photos and index. ISBN 978–1526–78333–2 Buy a copy here >  Marshal Ferdinand Foch generalissimo of the Allied armies in the final year of the Great War, reportedly condemned the terms of the subsequent Versailles settlement as ‘Not a peace treaty, but an armis…

Stand To! March 2024 Number: 133 Editor's Introduction and contents


From the Matt Leonard, Editor Stand To!  Welcome to the (slightly delayed) first Stand To! of 2024. My apologies for the wait – some things can’t be helped – and there will still be four issues published this year. On that note, I would like to begin by thanking you for the feedback I’ve received regarding last year’s special issue. It was an …

133: March 2024


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