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106: July 2016 Special Edition


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SPECIAL OFFER: 'Two Sides of the Same Wrong Penny: Gallipoli and the Western Front: A comparison' edited by Michael LoCicero with contributions from Gary Sheffield, Stephen Chambers and others.


Announcing the launch of the Western Front Association / Helion publication: Two Sides of the Same Wrong Penny: Gallipoli and the Western Front, A Comparison The year 1915 saw the BEF severely challenged on the Western Front. Recovering from the loss of the majority of experienced regulars in 1914, a largely new army had to come to terms with t...

REMINDER: Up Coming WFA National and Regional Conferences


  Suffolk : 11 August 2018 Suffolk 5th Annual Centenary Conference '1918 The Winning Formula'   Speakers: Peter Simkins, Jack Sheldon and Peter Hart Panel Discussion chaired by Taff Gillingham VENUE: University of Suffolk in Ipswich Purchase Tickets > HERE         Wolverhampton : 6-8 September 2018 WFA/University of Wolverhampton   Centena...

Two Sides of the Same Bad Penny? Gallipoli and the Western Front, a Comparison


Editor Michael LoCicero Helion, £26.96, hb, 266pp, 22 ills, 4 maps, notes, refs and index. ISBN: 978–191–109–668–9 The sub–title – Gallipoli and the Western Front, A Comparison – suggests a comparative study of various aspects of these two quite different theatres of war. Given that the Gallipoli campaign was relatively short and that fighting o...

113: October 2018 Special Edition


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Crossing the Devastated Zone, 1917: Lessons and Consequences for the British Expeditionary Force by Rob Thompson


The German withdrawal to the Hindenburg Line, 14 March – 5 April, 1917, is something of a footnote in the study of Great War military operations yet the engineering and logistic lessons taught were of crucial importance to the success of BEF mobile operations in 1918. It represented the BEF’s only experience of a mobile pursuit against an enemy...

Rob Thompson has been awarded a Western Front Association Hero Award for his contributions to the WFA over many years.


Rob Thompson has spoken at The Western Front Association AGM and National Conferences as well as speaking at many Branches. In addition, he has provided interesting articles for our journal Stand To! and our in-house magazine Bulletin, for example his current overview of 1917 'Crossing the Devastated Zone, 1917: Lessons and Consequences for the...

ONLINE: 'The Wombles of the Western Front - Salvage and recycling in the Great War' by Rob Thompson


Online talks: This online talk starts at 19:45 and ends about 21:00. Participating is quick and easy. The only equipment you need is a computer, or a tablet, or a smart phone. Simply email for your link to the next video meeting. We'll also automatically add you to the mailing list to keep you updated with future events. Ab...

ONLINE : 'Beyond Vimy Ridge: Canadian Corps Operations, 1918' By Rob Thompson


ONLINE LECTURE 'Beyond Vimy Ridge: Canadian Corps Operations, 1918' By Rob Thompson Rob will take us away from Vimy Ridge and look at the Canadians during 1918. Emphasis on Amiens and the logistical setup required to move a 100,000-men-plus corps (and horses, artillery and equipment) in secret and have them in position within less than two weeks.

Ep.200 - Logistics during the Messines - Third Ypres Campaign - Rob Thompson


In this Mentioned in Dispatches podcast, historian Rob Thompson talks about what got him interest in the First World War, and how he became fascinated by a subject so many others found boring - logistics. He then weaves together a narrative that shows how successful 'logistics', known only as 'supply and transport' at the time, fed the BEF munit...

ONLINE: 'Never Mind the Quality – Feel the Width' with Rob Thompson


The presentation will be live and online.  The Role of the Somme Campaign in the Development of BEF Logistics The 1916 Battle of the Somme was a watershed moment for the British Expeditionary Force, both in terms of the course of the Great War on the Western Front and in public memory and perception. Recent scholarship has attempted to move focu...

ONLINE: Secrets and Lies: Operation Llandovery Castle. Moving the Canadian Corps for Battle, August 1918 with Rob Thompson


The presentation will be live and online.  The Battle of Amiens began on 8 August, 1918 and was described by General Ludendorff as the 'Black Day of the German Army'. The BEF, spearheaded by the Canadian Corps smashed through the German lines in a surprise attack that penetrated up to eight miles. Above: Canadian troops supported by an A...

ONLINE: 'The Clickity Clicks' The 66th (2nd East Lancs) Division (TF) with Rob Thompson


  The 66th (2nd East Lancashire) Division (TF) during the Great War. The history of a little-known, so-called 'third rate' division that curiously found itself at the eye of two critical storms (Poelcappelle, 1917 and 21st March, 1918'). To join email   Image from the National Army Museum archive. 'Fonquevilliers [sic] 1...

'The Clickety Click - the 66th - 2nd East Lancs' with Rob Thompson


Due to circumstances beyond our control tomorrows main talk will now be as follows:   Michael LoCicero   MOONLIGHT MASSACRE, FINAL LOST BATTLE OF THIRD YPRES DEC 1917"

Rob Thompson RIP


It is with the deepest of regret that we must inform members of the passing of our friend and colleague Rob Thompson. Rob lost his fight for life in the early hours of Monday morning (20 March). We offer our most sincere condolences to Rob’s wife and family. Many of you will be familiar with Rob’s characteristic enthusiasm for the understanding...

The Rob Thompson Memorial Conference


The late Rob Thompson was, in his own words, an "accidental military historian". But, in the opinion of others, he was "a true scholar … with a new way of looking at the Great War" and "an off the wall character with rock star charisma". This conference celebrates his lifetime achievements - in historical research, critical interpretation and pu...

All Bar the Shouting


It is now over a year since the passing of Rob Thompson who was well known to many members not just though his articles, but also his appearances at branch meetings and on the WFA's YouTube channel.  With the blessing of Rob's wife, we have commissioned a special 'one off' magazine which is available below. This publication  - which runs to 68 p...