Stand To! 132 Contents

  • The Camera Returns (113) by Bob Grundy and Steve Wall...4–5
  • The War in Ukraine and the First World War by Hew Strachan...6–11
  • Germany, Russia, the First World War and Fall of the Tsar by Gordon Corrigan...12–17
  • Bloody April: The Royal Flying Corps and the Battle of Arras, 1917 by Peter Hart...18–22 
  • The Russian Invasion of Ukraine Echoes of the Great War in the twenty–first century by Roman Nekoliak...23–30
  • A Chaplain’s Lot Was Often Not A Happy One: Chaplaincy in the Great War There are no atheists in foxholes [Origin of the quote is disputed] by Nigel Cave...31–35
  • ‘Behind the Barbed Wire Fence’ Ukrainian internment in Canada during the Great War by Vivien Newman...36–42 
  • An ‘Argonaut Voyage’ Into Chaos Saxon 212. Infanterie–Division in Southern Ukraine, April 1918 – March 1919 by Andrew Lucas...43–52
  • ‘The Right Medicine for the Bolshevist’ British air–dropped chemical weapons in North Russia, 1919 by Simon Jones...53–61
  • A Trench Across Time: Wounding and recovery, from the Western Front to the defence of Ukraine by Emily Mayhew...62–65 
  • The Development of German Great War Defensive Tactics and their Applicability in the Twenty–First Century by Jack Sheldon...66–71 
  • Psychological Wounds of War Bakhmut and Third Ypres compared by Edgar Jones...72–75 
  • The German Occupation of Ukraine 1918 A forgotten chapter of the First World War by Peter Lieb...76–83 
  • Garrison Library...84–88 

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