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Causes of War


A range of materials for mixed ability classes, for year 7, 8 and 9. Right click to save documents. If you have any resources you wish to share, please let us know!  Document Title Focus Format  Causes of War Explosive Barrels  The different causes of war each represented as a barrel of gunpowder. Can the students …

'Reflections' a talk by Keith Quibell


Keith Quibell is a highly respected and sought after guide on the Western Front. One of the earliest members of the Western Front Association (No. 11), he formed this branch with a very gallant band of enthusiastic Great War veterans as members. Joins us as Keith reflects on the times he took the Great War veterans back to the areas where they fou…

The Women’s Land Army during the First World War


Helen Frost will be giving a talk on the Women’s Land Army during the First World War   The focus will be on Northamptonshire This is the first in a series of evening lectures   This talk is featured in April's edition of 'Military History Monthly'.   Helen Frost is a member of the Western Front Association and attends Northamptonshire Bran…

'Captain Robert Gee, V.C, M.C, M.P. - A Remarkable Soldier & Politician'


The next meeting of the Leicestershire and Rutland Branch will be held on Monday, 28th May which is the Bank Holiday Monday. Our speaker will be Branch member Derek Seaton. Derek will present a talk titled "Captain Robert Gee, V.C, M.C, M.P. - "A Remarkable Soldier & Politician". For further details of the Branch's Speaker Schedule for 2018 t…

A Talk by Andy Robertshaw


We are privileged to have Andy Robertshaw a respected military historian and TV presenter as the speaker at our Branch Meeting tonight, he will talk about the current archaeological and conservation project at Hawthorn Ridge Crater being carried out by the Hawthorn Ridge Crater Association in which he is involved. This talk is highly recommended a…

"Meet Tommy Atkins" a One-Man Play by Peter Gill


Tonight Peter Gill will present his one-man play "Meet Tommy Atkins".   ­ Meet Tommy Atkins – Peter Gill On August 4th 1914, with the declaration of war between Britain and Germany, reservist Tommy Atkins is immediately called up to serve his country. Within wee…

"The Killing of the Iron Twelve 25th February 1915" a talk by Hedley Malloch


In this talk Hedley Malloch will detail how, on 25 February 1915, the Germans shot eleven British soldiers who had been lost during the retreat to the Marne, and one Frenchman, in Guise Chateau after first making them dig their own graves. This the soldiers’ story, one of whom was Fred Innocent from Lenton, Nottingham (his immediat…

Dr Viv Newman - "Doing Their Bit; Suffragettes, Suffragists and the Great War"


We welcome the return of Dr Viv Newman to Hatfield Peverel to give the latest in her series of presentations about the significant part that women played in the First World War. This talk is entitled "Doing their bit: Suffragettes, Suffragists and the Great War" Please not that this presentation will follow on from the Branch Annual General Meetin…

"Fromelles The Full Story" a talk by Paul Cobb


Paul Cobb tells the full story of Fromelles starting with the action on 19 July 1916, to the discovery of the mass graves at Pheasant Wood and the creation of the Pheasant Wood Military Cemetery. Join us for this fascinating talk. 

'From Crisis to Victory 1918' a talk by Professor John Derry


We are delighted to welcome Professor Derry for another talk on the First World War. On this occasion he will cover the events which took place in 1918, the last year of the war, starting with the crisis of the German Spring Offensives through to the Advance to Victory during the last 100 Days and ending with the Armistice on 11 November 1918. An …

'The Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918' a talk by Councillor Cat Arnold


The Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 was the deadliest in history, it infected an estimated 500 million people worldwide , and killed an estimated 20 to 50 million victims.   Join us for a fascinating talk on this subject from Counciller Cat Arnold.   (Photograph source: Wickipedia)

"257 Tunnelling Company" a talk by John Fallon


Join us for a talk by John Fallon about his Grandfather's service with 257 Tunneling Company, Royal Engineers, during the First World War.

'The Robin Hoods' a talk by Jonathan D'Hooge


The 7th (Robin Hood) Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regiment) is the battalion most closely associated with the city of Nottingham. Popularly known as ‘The Robin Hoods’, the 7th Notts & Derbys took the place of the Robin Hood Rifles, on the formation of the Territorial Force in April 1908. The Robin H…

'The Kaiser Goes To War' a talk by Michael Credland


Following on from his interesting talk last year, 'Tommy Goes To War', Michael Credland returns to the Branch and will give a presentation entitled 'The Kaiser Goes To War'. Every item of equipment issued to the German Soldier in the Front Line during the First World War will be shown and explained. Join us for what will be a very…

'CWGC from the Concept of Sir Fabian Ware to its Work Today' a talk by Megan Kelleher


The Commonwealth War Graves Commission owes its existence to the vision and determination of one man - Sir Fabian Ware. Neither a soldier nor a politician, Ware was nevertheless well placed to respond to the public's reaction to the enormous losses in the war. At the age of 45 he was too old to fight but he became the commander of a mobile unit …

Christmas in Khaki by Kate Willis - NOTE 1st Friday in DEC!!


Christmas in Khaki takes us through each Christmas of the war in company with soldiers and nurses of the BEF, told in their own words, such as those of Lt Jeffrey Blake, attached to D Battery, 235 Bde R.F.A. 47th (London) Division:   25th December 1915: "Well here I am in the Mess as we call it, consisting of a room with one or two windows out, a…

The Gallipoli Oak: A Story of a Family’s Unique Legacy to a Lancashire Fusilier by Dr Martin Purdy


PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE  - NOW 17 JAN In March 1922 a Lancashire businessman stepped from a cruise ship onto the Gallipoli peninsula. He was accompanied by a host of other pilgrims equally as desperate to visit this Mediterranean outpost as he and his wife, but what made James Duckworth stand out was the fact that he stepped ashore with a bucket o…

'Military Mining And The La Boiselle Project' with Colin Winn


Join us for a fascinating talk on Military Mining and the La Boiselle Project by Colin Winn Colin Winn is a retired weapons engineer specialising in the underground conflict.  He is a founder member of the Hawthorn Ridge Crater Association and is interested in the work of the 252 Tunnelling Company in the sector.   Colin will bring relevant artef…

They Called It A Town For Four Winters


Join us for an interesting and well illustrated talk by Mark Price entitled "They Called It A Town For Four Winters. This talk will cover the history of the two training camps on Cannock Chase during the First World War, Brocton Camp and Rugeleley Camp. Brocton Camp included a prisoner of war camp and there was also a hospital nearby. Mike will …

The Knutsford Lads Who Never Came Home! a talk by Tony Davies


Join us for an interesting talk by Tony Davies about the lads from the village of Knutsford in Cheshire who never came home in the First World War. Based on his research into the men commemorated on the Knutsford War Memorial, this well illustrated talk will give us a detailed insight into the men and the impact of the First World War on the local…

'Entente Cordially' a talk by Paul Handford


Join us for a fascinating talk by Paul Handford on the little-known subject of the British Volunteers serving in the French Army in the Vosges Mountains. The talk is the result of his detailed research and visiting the Vosges and highlight this unique and well preserved area. Hartmannswillerkopf - The Vosges (Photo: Chris Preston)         …

'Hartelebury V.A.D.' a talk by Doug Smith


In the First World War many hundreds of houses were converted into hospitals to help cope with the many thousands of wounded.  When the War ended these houses were closed and the vast amount of records of the patients and nurses who were at these hospitals, destroyed.  Not so Hartlebury VAD Hospital in Worcestershire.  3 valuable autograph books we…

'Aftermath' a talk by Professor John Derry


We are delighted to welcome Professor Derry for another talk on the First World War. On this occasion he will cover the events which took place following the Armistice on 11 November1918 and how these affected the various combatant countries. An alumnus of Gateshead Grammar School and Emmanuel College, Cambridge, after national service in the RAF…