Role Purpose:

To support the organisation by promoting and sales of Branded Goods through all relevant outlets/means wherever possible in order to publicise and raise the profile of the organisation, and to ensure adherence to the organisations constitutional and legal responsibilities.

Key Function:

Branded Goods Trustee

Specific Responsibility

  1. As a member of the Board of Trustees, to take an active part in the development of the organisation in line with its objectives and constitution and to be responsible for promotion and sales of Branded Goods for the benefit of the organisation.
  2. To manage the Branded Goods of the organisation, maintaining stocks to an absolute minimum requirement and promotion of Branded Goods, in a cost effective manner, in order to raise the profile of the organisation.
  3. To sell Branded Goods through all relevant outlets with costs at a minimum including: Annual General Meetings, national and branch seminars, plus through Head Office, the online shop and  from orders placed through the bulletin, and any other venue as appropriate where the organisation is represented.
  4. To ensure Branded Goods stock figures are available to meet any requirements at any time, keeping stock sheets and finance records up to date at all times, and forwarding these reports monthly to Treasurer and Administrator at the end of each month 
  5. To explore potential new Branded Goods item ideas. 
  6. To provide monthly sales figures to the Treasurer and Administrator and to ensure all income from sales is recorded..
  7. To provide reports as and when required to the Executive Committee on Branded Goods  issues/sales, check that any Royalties are forwarded to WFA (including reports) to Administrator Monthly

Liaison with:

  1. Other WFA Trustees
  2. Committee Appointees
  3. Digital Editor
  4. WFA members
  5. General public
  6. Head Office Administrator
  7. Branded Goods Producers/Suppliers

 Last updated June 2023