Honorary Secretary

Role Purpose:

To assist the Chairman in co-ordinating and leading the activities/business of the Board of Trustees/Executive Committee in order that the objectives of the organisation are met in accordance with constitutional responsibilities and within the guidelines as required by the Charities Commission and English law.

Key Functions

  1. To act as Secretary to the board of Trustees/Executive Committee
  2. To organise the Spring Conference and AGM
  3. To liaise with the Charity Commission as required
  4. To process ticket applications for the RBL Remembrance Service

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. To act as Secretary to the Board of Trustees/Executive Committee.
    1. To contribute to Executive Committee work as part of the development of the organisation in line with its objectives and Constitution.
    2. To liaise with the Chairman and other Trustees in the arrangement of meetings/preparation of agendas etc for Executive Committee meetings.
    3. To ensure that agendas and papers for Executive Meetings are circulated.
    4. To take minutes of Executive Committee meetings.
    5. To ensure circulation of draft Minutes etc.
  2. To organise the Spring Conference and AGM (and any EGM)
    1. To book appropriate venues as agreed by the Executive Committee.
    2. To liaise with the Events Trustee regarding speakers/arrangements for the Spring Conference.
    3. To ensure all arrangements are in place for the event.
    4. To provide necessary documentation to the Executive Committee, and through the Bulletin, to the WFA membership in liaison with the Editor of the Bulletin, so that the required notification etc is met within the necessary timescale.
    5. To process applications for attending including those requiring lunch.
    6. To liaise with the venue on catering requirements for attendees.
    7. To assist in the control of attendees mindful of any venue restrictions.
    8. To take minutes of the AGM and provide them to the Executive Committee and the Editor of the Bulletin for publication to the wider WFA membership.
    9. To be responsible for organising any Extraordinary General Meetings as instructed by the Executive Committee.
  3. To act as the nominated contact with the Charity Commission
    1. To ensure that details required for the Charity Commission are appropriately and timeously updated.
    2. To ensure the submission of the Annual Accounts is made within the required timescales.
    3. To ensure that any ‘notifiable events’ are notified to the Charity Commission.                                                              


                     Last updated June 203