To support the organization by being the immediate means of liaison between the Chairman, the Board of Trustees, and the branch network.


Ensuring effective communication.

To ensure adherence to the WFA’s constitutional and legal responsibilities.

Key Functions:

  1. Report to Chairman and EC members
  2. Attend executive meetings
  3. Liaise with branches
  4. Update/Amend changes to branch or branch committee members via master spreadsheet

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. As an elected trustee take a pro-active role in the future development of The WFA, its objectives and constitution.
  2. To be the main point of contact with branch members, chairman, trustee’s and the executive committee.
  3. Ensure information is passed/shared between the Executive Committee and branches using any and all appropriate media available and in a timely manner. 
  4. On receiving queries/questions from a branch or member ensure its past to the relevant individual at trustee or EC level best able to respond and ensure a reply is fed back in a timely manner.
  5. Build and maintain close working relationships to include personal visits as required.
  6. Provide on-going support, advice and guidance to all branches with particular reference placed on any new branch through regular contact/support on the development and progress of the branch from start up to formal acceptance.
  7. Monitor the health of the association at branch level via an annual health check and maintaining an up to date master spreadsheet.
  8. Be responsible for the organising and chairing of The WFA bi-annual Branch Chairman’s Conference to include encouragement of branch chairman or committee member attendance and any agenda items. 
  9. To work with branches by way of support to ensure any seminars or similar events are organised and publicised as required using all available media. Advise, support and ensure Branch best practice in managing events / projecting the Association.                             
  10. Encourage branches to submit for publication in ‘The Bulletin’ and in an agreed format with the Bulletin editor reports on branch events/trips and tours.


 Last updated August 2023